2 months old.

Elijah is 2 months old now! Like 9 weeks and some days, but I think I'll just start counting months. He's been napping for 2.5 hours, so I'll type quickly. He should be waking up soon.

I might be biased, but he is SO CUTE! We share a Photo Stream with our family and literally have more than 2,500 photos posted since his birth. Check these out.

Elijah has so many facial expressions. Plus he is starting to chub up a bit. Those little leg rolls! We are kind of getting into a routine/schedule. Mostly sleeping and eating with an hour or two of awake time in between. I like to read to him (just finished A.A. Milne's The World of Christopher Robin … great poetry!) or listen to music and sing. (We love Rain for Roots.)

And since 6 weeks, Elijah has been SMILING! Adorable. He is doing it more often now. Mostly for me, but Nate got him to crack a grin this morning. Elijah loves looking at himself in the mirror, napping in his swing, sleeping in the car (as long as we're moving), and listening to me read books.

Oh, and baths. He loves baths! When I was pregnant, I hoped he would because I thought bathtime would be a fun time, and I looked forward to it. He loves the water. Plus this hippo hooded towel. I mean, c'mon!

This week we nailed down a babysitter for when I go back to work in August. Praise the Lord! What an answer to prayer. We found someone who is close to us, can work with our schedule needs, and has a little boy of her own. So thankful. It'll be huge to be able to go back to work knowing Elijah is in good hands.

We love him!
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