This afternoon I had the opportunity to interview Aaron and Ryan Morgan—brothers and members of the band Seabird. They were hilarious! (Doing homeschool in their underwear and sitting at the kitchen table and banging on it until their mom agreed to feed them lunch at 10:30 a.m.) I've got 2,600 words of transcript to carve into a 450-article. It's nice having so much to work with. I think this one will be good.


9 months in music city.


I've been in Nashville for 9 months now! I still can't believe all the changes that have happened in those months. I finally feel like there are more constants that variables in my life. Here are nine things I've really enjoyed during the past months:

1. Working as an intern
Such a great experience. My "whoa, this is totally what I want to do" moment.
2. Getting a job
The fruition of "this is totally what I want to do." I wake up every day excited to go to work.
3. Becoming a TN resident
It wasn't easy, but I no longer have to pay state income tax.
4. Buying a house
Easier than I thought it would be, but I had a really great agent doing all the hard stuff.
5. Adopting a kitten
Miles. :) He's adorable.
6. Meeting/interviewing recording artists
Not that this makes me legit, because no real connections have developed, but it is fun to be able to say I've talked to them.
7. Getting to know people at work
Since I don't have family in the area, these people are becoming my family. They're great.
8. Working on two books
I've always dreamed of writing a book; but editing two is a great experience. And it's kind of like writing it because I did a lot of rewriting. :)
9. Going to Kairos
This ministry has been such a blessing to me. It's a great break in my week to get away from everything and worship. It feels like a safe place.


good grief.

I went to run some errands this morning. My last stop was Walmart to pick up some cat food for Miles. When I got in my car to leave, I turned the key and ... nothing. My radio kicked on, my windows could roll down, but my car wouldn't start.

If you know me, you know that one thing that can easily stress me out is car problems. Because I don't know much about cars and I'm put vulnerably at the mercy of a mechanic, who always milks me for a few hundred dollars. I don't have my phone on me, so I have no other choice but to start walking. Home is just 1.7 miles away, but I am not happy about this at all. As I walk, I find myself starting to experience the five stages of grief. (Grief over the inevitable loss of a significant chunk of my last paycheck.)

1. Denial/Isolation
Sitting in my car, I thought, "Oh, great." Then immediately, "I just need to give it a few seconds. Nothing is really wrong." I refuse to ask anyone to help or attempt to jump my battery (because I know it's not my battery; it's a 8-month old battery.) There is no way the battery is the problem.

2. Anger
After several failed attempts to start my car, I get angry. Stupid car! Sheesh! This is ridiculous. If you would just start for two minutes so I could get you into Midas' parking lot! But noooo you can't even do that for me! Grrr!

3. Barganing
I'm starting to think about my options, which really seem to be few and far between. Embarrassingly enough, I find myself praying: "God, please make this car start. Just this once. I know You can if You want to." No answer. I guess He wants to teach me something from this experience.

4. Depression
I begin my walk. Fortunately it is a nice day, already in the mid-60s. But I am very upset and I keep my eyes down because I just know if I make eye contact with anyone sitting in a functioning car, I will burst into tears. And no one looks nice crying. I start thinking how much this situation sucks and everything I had planned to do today probably won't get done because I'm going to spend the rest of the day trying to get my car working, if it's even possible.

5. Acceptance
I called Andrea and asked if she could pick me up and take me back to my car. Then I called Midas and they said they could call a tow truck for me, but towing on a weekend is usually $75. He pauses like I need to make a decision. Really? Because I think the decision is pretty clear. I live alone and I have one car. If I don't tow this car, it is going to sit in that parking lot waiting for a miracle. Andrea picks me up and takes me to my car so the guy can tow it, and then to Midas. They are like, "Well, we don't know what it could be, but we'll look at it. That will be $75 just to figure out the problem. And it might take an hour or more, so we'll call you."

This is kind of a forced acceptance because I have no other choice. Andrea drops me back off at home. Midas called and said it is the starter. Tow, labor, repairs. This bill majorly hurts. After having the alternator and battery replaced in August and now this, I have officially put more money into this car than it is worth. Good grief.


celebrity effect.

Today Jimmy Needham came to LifeWay to talk about his upcoming album, Nightlights. He also played several songs.

I'll admit it; before moving to Nashville, I could get overly excited about musicians. My sister and I could hardly contain ourselves when we saw Mat Kearney in the Nashville airport. We realized it was ridiculous to be so giddy; there was just something about seeing/meeting someone who is known by thousands that feels special. (Even though thousands of others had done the same … Maybe I should feel special meeting someone not famous, who only a select few get to know … hmm.) Like if you touch them, maybe their talent will rub off on you.   

I've been living in Nashville for 9 months now. The list of recording artists I've met/encountered/interviewed is approaching a couple dozen.* It seemed almost surprising to me (though it really shouldn't have) that these people are normal. As an intern I spoke with Brandon Heath over the phone. He was fun to talk to because he's just a really nice guy. He reminded me of one of my high school friends (except for being several years older, of course).

One of the things Jimmy Needham talked about was this battle for Christian recording artists between making much of Jesus and making much of themselves. Selling records and going on tour is part of the business. It's how they feed their families. But he pointed out that record sales and tours are not the end. The end of what he does with his music is to make much of Christ. He must become more and Jimmy must become less. God doesn't need him to be a star; there are already enough stars in the sky. And so he's come to realize that it doesn't matter if there are 20,000 people at a concert or 20. His purpose is to glorify God, to promote His fame, not his own.

One of the things I've realized it's hard for me to do is express excitement toward performers. Sure, I like to cheer for a basketball team, but I'm no super fan. I enjoy music. A lot, actually. I appreciate genuine lyrics that say what I'm thinking or feeling way better than I could ever express it.

But I'm not into autographs or digging a styrofoam cup out of a dumpster that has touched the lips of John Lennon (or whoever). Have you ever seen how people react at concerts? When a musician walks on stage, they go crazy. Literally nuts. Screaming their heads off and even crying. Really? Who have these people turned this performer into that initiates such a response? God? Actually, yeah. I think that's true in a lot of cases, especially big time fanatics. They think If only _________ (fill in the blank) would notice me, my life would be complete. Or if only he would smile at me, I would be satisfied.

[[screeching record stopping sound]] Reality check. That doesn't happen. These people aren't gods. For a Christian recording artist like Jimmy Needham, that's exactly the point he's trying to make. He just wants to use his music to point you to the cross. Not to himself. He's just a night light before a blazing sun. And that's a pretty good reason to enjoy his music.

Nightlights will be released on May 18. Check it out!

*John Waller, Brandon Heath, Leeland, John Cooper (Skillet), Mark Hall (Casting Crowns), Steven Curtis Chapman, Phil Stacey, Jars of Clay, Mat Kearney, Mission Six, The Rubyz, Paige Armstrong, Jimmy Needham.
On the agenda: Seabird [3/31], tobyMac, Chris Tomlin, Tenth Avenue North [4/20], and Addison Road


david and goliath.



red v. blue


SI.com features an article today comparing Kentucky and Cornell—not so much the players, 
but the history and money behind each program. 
Read it here then tune in tonight at 8:57 p.m. CST to watch the big game on CBS.
(Statistically speaking, teams in red usually win.)


hugs, music, and home repairs.

hehehe, I found this picture online. That's Cornell's 7-foot Jeff Foote embracing his coach.
12 Cornell plays 1 Kentucky tomorrow (Thursday) at 8:57 p.m. CST on CBS.

I found out today that the guy who leads worship at Kairos used to play with FFH. I'm not sure how big of a band FFH ever really was, but they kind of mark the early 2000s for me—the freshman year of high school era of Christian music.

I got home yesterday to a beautiful 73 degrees. I went out in my yard and most of the weeds are dead! Yeah! I never thought I would get excited about dead weeds. Perks of being a homeowner, I guess. There are definitely some spots I missed, and in the back closer to my chicken coop there are lots of weeds. I need to get a longer hose if I'm going to hit those (or spot-and-spray killer). My horticulturist friend Andrew said a lot of it is chickweed, a winter annual, so maybe it will die off on its own. I mowed after work tonight; it's supposed to rain the next couple of days.

Miles has been running crazy around the house; I think he would really enjoy the freedom of outdoors, but I'm afraid he would:
  1. fight with the other cats (and probably lose; he's kind of a pansy)
  2. get hit by a car
  3. get fleas or ticks or other things I don't want in my house. 
My mom bought a small dog leash (that's velcro and straps around the chest and neck) for her cat, so I think it would be nice to get one for Miles.

Today I ran across the PDF from my home inspection, and there is quite a list of "things a competent homeowner could repair" (things the seller didn't have to fix). Things like caulking some gaps in my porch and painting my chicken coop (to prevent further water damage). I'm sure all of these things are things I am capable of doing, but I think it would take me a really long time. 

So ... Dad, if you're reading this, feel free to come stay here for a week and help me put insulation in my attic and tighten my gutters. Because isn't there a rule somewhere that if you don't have a husband, your dad helps you out around the house? I'm pretty sure I read that in the Bible somewhere.


how sweet it is.

"Cornell is ripping the hearts out of Wisconsin.
They have no chance."

-CBS announcer


Geoff looking fierce on the court.

Cornell earned a spot in the Sweet 16! The Big Red beat Wisconsin 87-69.
They'll be facing Kentucky in Syracuse on Thursday.
Cornell has 8 seniors ... my brother is one of them! (#15)



Cornell in Jax.

1:20 p.m. - Cornell up 74-56. 3:57 left. They've got this.
1:23 p.m. - Cornell is currently a trending topic on Twitter. Nice.
1:33 p.m. - Cornell wins! Announcer: "Cornell is not a 12 seed. They'd be a good Sweet 16 team."

I have a special place in my heart for Jacksonville. I lived there for 2 months in the summer of '08 and worked as a room attendant (housekeeper) at the Hyatt full time during the Navigators Summer Training Program with about 100 other college students.

Cornell is in Jacksonville this weekend for the first round of the NCAA tournament. This afternoon they are taking on 5-seeded Temple Owls. I took a half day so I could watch the game (or listen to it, my Internet is too slow to stream video well).

My dad, stepmom, sister, and brother-in-law all made the trip, and I'm wishing I were there!

Click for larger view. Downtown Jacksonville.
Geoff (left) and some of the team.

Jacksonville (from Google Maps) - the Hyatt is that big square building right of center.
Go Big Red!



It was so beautiful outside today. When I got home, there was no way I could stay inside. I decided to do a little work on the yard. On the side of my house by my kitchen door there's a small row next to my fence and it was full of weeds and everything else. You name it, I probably found it out there: kitchen spoon, sardine can, milk lid, glass pebbles, snail shells, twisty ties, red and green confetti ... and several bricks. Every time I hit something hard with my spade, I uncovered it holding my breath, hoping the old guy who used to live here had buried a box of money out there. But it was always a brick.

Anyway, here's what I got done. The dirt was real dark and smelled like spring. I think it would be nice to plant some flowers out here; maybe sunflowers (do those grow in TN?).

So ... this is in the back corner of my backyard. I'm going to have to go at it with a machete. Basically there's a wire cage and some bent wire and a broken wooden dog house and lots of overgrowth.

 I bet this tree is amazing in the summer with leaves on it:
 The bad part about replacing my weeds with grass is that I have a really big back yard and a reel mower. That'll be quite a workout!
I think spring has sprung.


I was all excited that I could watch the Cornell game at work, until I found out that CBS isn't showing it here. Here's a map of the game coverage:

Light blue: 12 Cornell v. 5 Temple (Jacksonville)
Blue: 15 Morgan Stat v. 2 West Virginia (Buffalo)
Green: 11 Minnesota v. 6 Xavier (Milwaukee)

Lame. This is Geoff's senior year, so I'm taking a 1/2 day to stream the game at home. (CBS shows every game online.) My Internet is really slow, but I will probably be able to listen to the audio.



I'm feeling a little sick; it's probably from thinking about my disaster of a yard I need to take care of. My neighbors' yards are still yellow with dormant grass, and mine is green and getting tall because it's all weeds.

I don't want to be the first one on the street to get out my lawnmower. I'm trying to Google how to start over on a yard. It looks like a lot of work. At least I might be able to plant warm-season grass in the spring/early summer. So ... if you know anyone who is good at helping with this sort of thing, hook me up because I'm kind of dreading it.

Pretty productive day at work. I got a lot of things crossed off my to-do list. Around 2:00, Jeff brought me a present:

These are copies of the books we're working on. Fortunately not all those tabs are corrections (actually most of them aren't). I sorted through them and pulled out the pages I need to make changes on, then took all the tabs off so I can reuse them. (I don't like to waste; in fact, I usually cut my tabs in thirds to make them last longer.) It's like a fiesta on my computer:


2 BR.

Miles likes to recycle.
I stayed up late* last night working on the closet in my second bedroom. Fortunately by the time I was done, I had a decent trash pile and a lot of paper to recycle.

Miles hanging out while I clean ... that bulletin board is going to either go on the wall or be replaced by a photograph (I have some friends who are great photographers).

I don't have much room for too many more books. I could probably start selling the ones I won't read again on Amazon. I heard somewhere that you can learn a lot about a person from her bookshelf; I might have to do a post sometime breaking down what I've got.

Putting that tall bookcase together took me awhile, but I'm really glad I spent hours and hours of my childhood building with K'Nex. It developed my ability to read picture-only instructions. Unfortunately when I lifted it upright, it wobbled pretty bad. I pushed all the books to the back to help with the weight, and then installed the plastic L-shaped bracket at the top to anchor it to the wall. Within the hour that plastic had snapped in half ... so I should probably go get some metal brackets and anchor them into studs (I'm really not good with a drill) so no one (or no cat) will pull the bookshelf over on himself.

Side note. If you've watched TV lately, maybe you've seen this commercial for a Pledge fabric sweeper, where there's this room with a white couch full of black cats. Anyway, I had a coupon so I bought one. And it's amazing. It works so well on my couch and dining room chairs and bedspread. So if you were on the edge about getting one, it's a good buy. And my came with two $1 off coupons, so I can hook you up.

Thursday night my neighbor knocked on my door. I went outside and he asked if it I wanted him to keep the bushes on the property line trimmed. He said they were actually mine, but he had always kept them cut for George (the guy who used to live here). I told him sure. He also offered to keep the bushes around the front of my house trimmed, and he said he and his son could move the two trees on the corners of my house that are supposed to get 15' x 50'. Sah-weet.

*late ... it's relative. I was asleep before 11.


design on a ... considerably sizeable tax refund.

I took the afternoon off from work. Since I start at 6:30, my half day starts at 10:30 a.m., which is pretty great. The first thing I did was go to Starbucks because they had mailed me a birthday coupon for a free drink! I ordered a venti (large) nonfat chai latte. Mmmm. Wonderful.

Then I came home to put on jeans and pull my hair back. I've had my heat off the past several days and my house is staying in the upper 60s. I like saving money. Then I left to find some things to transform my house into a home. When I got home I had been to Lowe's, Walmart, Target, and JC Penney ... I got a lot of stuff and I only spent 13% of my refund!

The shower curtain I bought inspired me and I am declaring a color palette for my home: espresso brown, beige, light green, light yellow, and teal. First, I replaced my lavender bath mat with a teal one.

I didn't have any teal in my house before this week, but the shower curtain really inspired me. I got a new comforter for my bed. I also got a new bed skirt. And ... my nightstand is currently naked because the previous cover doesn't match and I had no luck finding a new one at any store. I'm planning on getting some fabric and making my own.

In my second bedroom, I got an area rug and rearranged it a little. These were my two bookcases, but the honey-colored one was falling apart so I took it apart and got a tall bookcase. As you can see, I needed a bigger bookcase! Picture of that later; I'm still trying to put it together.

I also fixed my drywall hole! I went to Lowe's with a $10 gift card First Tennessee Bank gave me as a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift. I picked up some large plastic wall anchors. I found one that expands behind the wall, so it wouldn't fall through. While I was there I also picked up a dark wood stain pen (Miles has scratched a couple places on one of my chairs), some spackle, and a spackle spatula. I haven't used it, but it'll come in handy when I do some touch ups. This is a new door mat I picked up:

My living room and dining area got some rearrangement. I like not having the TV as a focus point because I'm not so tempted to sit and watch it! (My love seat and recliner don't match my scheme, but I'm totally okay with that because they were free. Thanks, Mom!)

Miles loved the nice weather. I kind of wish he could go outside, but keeping him inside prevents cat fights and him getting fleas or getting hit by a car.

Miles is getting so big! When I was sweeping the kitchen, I found a tooth! Apparently cats have two sets of teeth, so they loose "baby teeth" during their first 12 months.

Coming up: I need to replace my air filters. Pretty sure you're supposed to do that like every month, so I'm a little late, but seriously I am not excited about pulling those things out of the floor vents because I'm afraid I'll find dead bugs. It felt great to get so much done today. I'll put the bookshelf together next. This weekend I want to get a start on all the things you can't see: closets and cabinets! They are in for some major organization, sorting, moving things to the attic, and cleaning.



I will be the first to admit that interior design is not my thing. I just don't have an eye for making something bland look fabulous. I mean, I know what I like once I see it, but I am incapable of putting it together myself. Anyway, my friend Lindsey's house inspired me to at least make some effort to add a little decor to my house. Today I started with two things. First, a shower curtain.

My bathroom is just beige and white. This curtain adds some color. But right now my bath rug is the same one I used during college--lavender colored. So it doesn't match, but I might buy a teal one someday.

Then I decided to put up these cube shelves. I wanted straight shelves to put books on or something, but Target didn't have the color I wanted (espresso). I also spent forever looking at mirrors and clocks and all sorts of things to hang on a wall, but I was too indecisive and decided I'd be content with just a little progress today.

This was quite a project. First of all, I couldn't hold up the cubes and then stand back to see if I liked the placement. Downer of living alone. (I suppose I could have made paper templates and arranged them ...) So I put up the biggest cube first. And with the first hole, I hit a stud. I have a drill in my closet so I get it out and try to push through, but the bit is just not budging. I throw some force into it, and the bit bends. So I give up on that. I find a shorter screw in my tool box and screw it in as far as I can and it serves its purpose. The second cube was simple.

The third cube seemed simple too, until I went to hang it and I had put the screws about 1/8" too far apart and the cube wouldn't catch on them. I attempted to move one of them over slightly, which resulted in an extra-wide hole and then my plastic piece and screw fell into the wall. Fortunately I had a spare from the stud hole, but I couldn't get it to work. I ended up using a sticky square to cover the hole and to keep the cube up on that side. I'm going to need to Google how to repair holes in sheet rock so I can mend that spot.

Fortunately I like my current wall color. When I was house hunting, I told my real estate agent that when it comes to repairs, I could probably paint a wall. But now I'm not really sure I'd be very good at that.


Today I found out that I was the runner up for the Jimmy Draper Scholarship, which is greatly supporting me on the mission trip to Newfoundland this summer!
Tom Hellams, me, and Ernie McAninch

Tom Hellams (LW's vice president) and Ernie McAninch (LW Missions guy) interrupted our team meeting this morning to tell me the great news.
We decided to be formal and shake hands.

Jimmy Draper had e-mailed me this morning with the congratulations, and I excitedly told Jeff and Cheryl who didn't act very excited (because they knew Tom and Ernie were coming to tell me).
Totally cheesy smile.

Yay God!



73 degrees in Nashville today.
I'm not sure I need to say much else, but I will.

I drove home with my windows rolled down. When I got home from work, I turned off the heat and opened my windows. The fresh air smelled amazing, and Miles enjoyed sitting on the window sill and looking outside. I'm sure he would love it out there, but I know there are other cats who are bigger and older that like to hang around my yard, and I'm sure they would not like to make a new friend.

I spent the morning wishing fervently that I were still in Kansas City. You know how it is when you experience something really great and then it goes away; maybe that feeling when you have a bunch of close friends over for dinner and you spend the evening talking and laughing and then they all leave and you're sitting at your kitchen table alone, wishing they'd come back. Except that Kansas City is 600+ miles and $160 away and I don't get to go back for three more months.

I decided to take Thursday afternoon off from work. It was kind of an impulsive decision because of how I felt this morning and being bummed I was not waking up to spend the day with Jenn and Lindsey, but I think it will be good. There are things I want to do around my house, books I want to read, words I want to write, and hours of sleep I would like to reclaim. So I'm sure that Thursday afternoon will be well spent. (It's supposed to be in the 70s again on Thursday!)

I'm kind of falling in love with the Old Testament again. I grew up thinking it was boring and irrelevant, but I'm finishing up Numbers and in reading and studying it ... wow. What a great picture of a holy God and His redemptive plan for His people. Wow.

When imeem went away with its myspace merger, I wasn't happy. But this weekend Jenn told me about Grooveshark.com and I checked it out and I'm pretty sure I like it better than imeem. So check it out.


weekend away.

I had been much anticipating this trip to KC since I booked it a couple of weeks ago. I must say it went way too quickly. I would have loved another three days there, but because Jenn and I are both adults who have to go to work, I'm back in Nashville tonight.

Friday evening Andrea drove me to the airport. This is only the second time I've flown out of BNA, so she dropped me off early. I checked my bag and passed through security in record time and found myself with more than an hour to sit and wait to board the plane. It was good to read and people watch though. Little kids trying to drag rolling suitcases as big as themselves and a man (true story) whose shoes matched his luggage.

I boarded in the "C" group (the last group) so by the time I made my way onto the plane, the only seats were middle seats between strangers. I picked the closest seat I could find to the front so I could be one of the first off the plane when it landed. The flight attendants were asking for volunteers to move so a mother and child could have two seats next to each other (guess they didn't show up in time for family boarding). They offered free drinks. The guy next to me asked if I wanted a free drink. I told him I didn't drink, which opened up a conversation.

I found out that this guy, Carlos, grew up in El Salvador until he was 14. Then he moved to the United States because of civil war and some of his family being killed. At some point he joined the military and served 14 years. Then he decided to go to school (KU). He asked me where I worked and then said, "Ah, so that must be why you don't drink." He told me he prays every day but doesn't go to church because he grew up going to a Christian school that he thought was kind of corrupt so he decided to rebel. We didn't get to talk much more about that because the plane landed, but it was cool learning so much about a random person on a plane.

My flight arrived 20 minutes early in Kansas City, so Lindsey wasn't there yet to pick me up. I missed out on my airport-arrival-I've-missed-you hug, but she met me at the curb and drove me to her house. Lindsey just bought a house in KC less than a month ago with one of her roommates, and I love it: 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3 stories and a basement; and it's done really well on the inside, nice paint, huge kitchen, little teal and blue tiles in the shower. It made me kind of angry at the not-so-great update job done on my house (namely the kitchen door that has obviously endured years of dog scratching and was simply painted over with a thick coat of white paint, and how you can see the old paint color along the ceiling/wall tops because they just weren't very careful. Anyway, Lindsey's house has definitely motivated to spend some time making my house look like I've actually been living here for a few months ... get some pictures on my walls on stuff so it feels more like a home.

Lindsey had to work at the hospital all weekend (she's a nurse). I enjoyed the day with Jenn. We slept in then went to eggtc. for brunch. I got French toast (sourdough bread). It was good. Then we watched the KU v. Missouri game. I fell asleep and missed the entire second half. Then we went to a coffee shop so she could have a chance to get some planning for school done (she's a teacher). I got some time to write and we headed to the grocery store to pick up supplies for dinner. Stromboli. We had been talking about how the ham and cheese stromboli we had for school lunch growing up was the best stromboli ever (true story). Jenn also made a salad. I fell asleep before 10:30, but Jenn and I got to talk after dinner which was encouraging and challenging (in a good way).

This morning Jenn had to work in the children's ministry during the early service so I went to a Starbucks down the road from the church. The late service was at 11; around 10 I left Starbucks and walked around Westport for 45 minutes. I wasn't wearing very good walking shoes and my feet hurt now, but it was beautiful and warm outside, and Westport is a neat neighborhood. I met up with Jenn for church and then we made lunch and then it was time for me to go to the airport. The flight out of KC was 20 minutes late, but it still made it to Nashville on time. Andrea picked me up. Miles was waiting at home and had surprisingly not destroyed my house.

I made a trip to the grocery store since I was out of bread and milk and deli meat and salad and basically anything to eat this week. The Girl Scouts stopped me on the way out and I bought some Samoas (my 2nd favorite; they were out of Thin Mints). Back to work tomorrow. I won't be in KC again until June (for Jenn's wedding), which is sad, but I'm kind of under the impression that there are a few people (and a cat) who value me being here in Nashville so I'll have to be content with mini vacations every few months. After all, I have to build up my 8 round trip flights to get a free one ... so I have a good excuse for frequent trips!



A week in KC would have been great, but I'll settle for 2 days!
Peace out, Nashville. See you Sunday evening!



I haven't been blogging lately … because my life has been 1) Go to work, 2) Go home, 3) Go to sleep, 4) Repeat.

That and I'm going to have to hide my TV converter box in a closet so I can't spend my evenings in front of the tube. It's just that I've been without a TV for so long that my self-control wore down. It'll be great when it warms up outside and I can start doing things around the yard and (yes, I'll say it) spring cleaning. I'll make an exception for March Madness, but do I really need to watch Family Feud? No.

Today I got my hands on a copy of the April issue of Bible Express. It's the first issue with my name in it! So I'm pretty excited about it. It also includes as article from my interview with Brandon Heath.
I'm kind of legit.
Interview with Brandon Heath. 2 pages.

Sure, Miles looks cute (as usual) here. But during the day he ate all his food and must have decided he was going to die of starvation. He opened the cabinet beneath the sink and pulled out the trash can. Then he scattered its contents all over the kitchen floor. I'm going to leave him plenty of food and water this weekend, but I'm also going to make sure I empty all the trashes before I leave. He's pretty smart; I'm hoping he doesn't figure out how to get into the fridge!
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