I haven't been blogging lately … because my life has been 1) Go to work, 2) Go home, 3) Go to sleep, 4) Repeat.

That and I'm going to have to hide my TV converter box in a closet so I can't spend my evenings in front of the tube. It's just that I've been without a TV for so long that my self-control wore down. It'll be great when it warms up outside and I can start doing things around the yard and (yes, I'll say it) spring cleaning. I'll make an exception for March Madness, but do I really need to watch Family Feud? No.

Today I got my hands on a copy of the April issue of Bible Express. It's the first issue with my name in it! So I'm pretty excited about it. It also includes as article from my interview with Brandon Heath.
I'm kind of legit.
Interview with Brandon Heath. 2 pages.

Sure, Miles looks cute (as usual) here. But during the day he ate all his food and must have decided he was going to die of starvation. He opened the cabinet beneath the sink and pulled out the trash can. Then he scattered its contents all over the kitchen floor. I'm going to leave him plenty of food and water this weekend, but I'm also going to make sure I empty all the trashes before I leave. He's pretty smart; I'm hoping he doesn't figure out how to get into the fridge!

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