I will be the first to admit that interior design is not my thing. I just don't have an eye for making something bland look fabulous. I mean, I know what I like once I see it, but I am incapable of putting it together myself. Anyway, my friend Lindsey's house inspired me to at least make some effort to add a little decor to my house. Today I started with two things. First, a shower curtain.

My bathroom is just beige and white. This curtain adds some color. But right now my bath rug is the same one I used during college--lavender colored. So it doesn't match, but I might buy a teal one someday.

Then I decided to put up these cube shelves. I wanted straight shelves to put books on or something, but Target didn't have the color I wanted (espresso). I also spent forever looking at mirrors and clocks and all sorts of things to hang on a wall, but I was too indecisive and decided I'd be content with just a little progress today.

This was quite a project. First of all, I couldn't hold up the cubes and then stand back to see if I liked the placement. Downer of living alone. (I suppose I could have made paper templates and arranged them ...) So I put up the biggest cube first. And with the first hole, I hit a stud. I have a drill in my closet so I get it out and try to push through, but the bit is just not budging. I throw some force into it, and the bit bends. So I give up on that. I find a shorter screw in my tool box and screw it in as far as I can and it serves its purpose. The second cube was simple.

The third cube seemed simple too, until I went to hang it and I had put the screws about 1/8" too far apart and the cube wouldn't catch on them. I attempted to move one of them over slightly, which resulted in an extra-wide hole and then my plastic piece and screw fell into the wall. Fortunately I had a spare from the stud hole, but I couldn't get it to work. I ended up using a sticky square to cover the hole and to keep the cube up on that side. I'm going to need to Google how to repair holes in sheet rock so I can mend that spot.

Fortunately I like my current wall color. When I was house hunting, I told my real estate agent that when it comes to repairs, I could probably paint a wall. But now I'm not really sure I'd be very good at that.

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  1. Congratulations on winning the Draper Scholarship. That is very exciting. You don't know me, but I work at LifeWay too.

    I am totally with you on this post, by the way. I am a decorating disaster...which is why my 1960's pink tile bathroom is still pink tile...even though, when we bought it, I had all of the grand plans of a major bathroom remodel. After living here for six years, I have discovered that, if I close my eyes, I don't even notice the pink tile.

    Have a great day!


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