hugs, music, and home repairs.

hehehe, I found this picture online. That's Cornell's 7-foot Jeff Foote embracing his coach.
12 Cornell plays 1 Kentucky tomorrow (Thursday) at 8:57 p.m. CST on CBS.

I found out today that the guy who leads worship at Kairos used to play with FFH. I'm not sure how big of a band FFH ever really was, but they kind of mark the early 2000s for me—the freshman year of high school era of Christian music.

I got home yesterday to a beautiful 73 degrees. I went out in my yard and most of the weeds are dead! Yeah! I never thought I would get excited about dead weeds. Perks of being a homeowner, I guess. There are definitely some spots I missed, and in the back closer to my chicken coop there are lots of weeds. I need to get a longer hose if I'm going to hit those (or spot-and-spray killer). My horticulturist friend Andrew said a lot of it is chickweed, a winter annual, so maybe it will die off on its own. I mowed after work tonight; it's supposed to rain the next couple of days.

Miles has been running crazy around the house; I think he would really enjoy the freedom of outdoors, but I'm afraid he would:
  1. fight with the other cats (and probably lose; he's kind of a pansy)
  2. get hit by a car
  3. get fleas or ticks or other things I don't want in my house. 
My mom bought a small dog leash (that's velcro and straps around the chest and neck) for her cat, so I think it would be nice to get one for Miles.

Today I ran across the PDF from my home inspection, and there is quite a list of "things a competent homeowner could repair" (things the seller didn't have to fix). Things like caulking some gaps in my porch and painting my chicken coop (to prevent further water damage). I'm sure all of these things are things I am capable of doing, but I think it would take me a really long time. 

So ... Dad, if you're reading this, feel free to come stay here for a week and help me put insulation in my attic and tighten my gutters. Because isn't there a rule somewhere that if you don't have a husband, your dad helps you out around the house? I'm pretty sure I read that in the Bible somewhere.

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