2 BR.

Miles likes to recycle.
I stayed up late* last night working on the closet in my second bedroom. Fortunately by the time I was done, I had a decent trash pile and a lot of paper to recycle.

Miles hanging out while I clean ... that bulletin board is going to either go on the wall or be replaced by a photograph (I have some friends who are great photographers).

I don't have much room for too many more books. I could probably start selling the ones I won't read again on Amazon. I heard somewhere that you can learn a lot about a person from her bookshelf; I might have to do a post sometime breaking down what I've got.

Putting that tall bookcase together took me awhile, but I'm really glad I spent hours and hours of my childhood building with K'Nex. It developed my ability to read picture-only instructions. Unfortunately when I lifted it upright, it wobbled pretty bad. I pushed all the books to the back to help with the weight, and then installed the plastic L-shaped bracket at the top to anchor it to the wall. Within the hour that plastic had snapped in half ... so I should probably go get some metal brackets and anchor them into studs (I'm really not good with a drill) so no one (or no cat) will pull the bookshelf over on himself.

Side note. If you've watched TV lately, maybe you've seen this commercial for a Pledge fabric sweeper, where there's this room with a white couch full of black cats. Anyway, I had a coupon so I bought one. And it's amazing. It works so well on my couch and dining room chairs and bedspread. So if you were on the edge about getting one, it's a good buy. And my came with two $1 off coupons, so I can hook you up.

Thursday night my neighbor knocked on my door. I went outside and he asked if it I wanted him to keep the bushes on the property line trimmed. He said they were actually mine, but he had always kept them cut for George (the guy who used to live here). I told him sure. He also offered to keep the bushes around the front of my house trimmed, and he said he and his son could move the two trees on the corners of my house that are supposed to get 15' x 50'. Sah-weet.

*late ... it's relative. I was asleep before 11.

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