I was all excited that I could watch the Cornell game at work, until I found out that CBS isn't showing it here. Here's a map of the game coverage:

Light blue: 12 Cornell v. 5 Temple (Jacksonville)
Blue: 15 Morgan Stat v. 2 West Virginia (Buffalo)
Green: 11 Minnesota v. 6 Xavier (Milwaukee)

Lame. This is Geoff's senior year, so I'm taking a 1/2 day to stream the game at home. (CBS shows every game online.) My Internet is really slow, but I will probably be able to listen to the audio.


  1. Depending on the video quality that you're able to stream, you can probably have your TV on in the background also. You should be able to see some highlights and they might switch over to the Cornell game during halftime or at the end if it's a closer game than the Xavier game.

  2. Good opportunity to meet a neighbor with high speed internet. Or, you could go to a local sports bar (Just drink non-alcoholic beverages. ) Dad


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