9 months in music city.


I've been in Nashville for 9 months now! I still can't believe all the changes that have happened in those months. I finally feel like there are more constants that variables in my life. Here are nine things I've really enjoyed during the past months:

1. Working as an intern
Such a great experience. My "whoa, this is totally what I want to do" moment.
2. Getting a job
The fruition of "this is totally what I want to do." I wake up every day excited to go to work.
3. Becoming a TN resident
It wasn't easy, but I no longer have to pay state income tax.
4. Buying a house
Easier than I thought it would be, but I had a really great agent doing all the hard stuff.
5. Adopting a kitten
Miles. :) He's adorable.
6. Meeting/interviewing recording artists
Not that this makes me legit, because no real connections have developed, but it is fun to be able to say I've talked to them.
7. Getting to know people at work
Since I don't have family in the area, these people are becoming my family. They're great.
8. Working on two books
I've always dreamed of writing a book; but editing two is a great experience. And it's kind of like writing it because I did a lot of rewriting. :)
9. Going to Kairos
This ministry has been such a blessing to me. It's a great break in my week to get away from everything and worship. It feels like a safe place.

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