weekend away.

I had been much anticipating this trip to KC since I booked it a couple of weeks ago. I must say it went way too quickly. I would have loved another three days there, but because Jenn and I are both adults who have to go to work, I'm back in Nashville tonight.

Friday evening Andrea drove me to the airport. This is only the second time I've flown out of BNA, so she dropped me off early. I checked my bag and passed through security in record time and found myself with more than an hour to sit and wait to board the plane. It was good to read and people watch though. Little kids trying to drag rolling suitcases as big as themselves and a man (true story) whose shoes matched his luggage.

I boarded in the "C" group (the last group) so by the time I made my way onto the plane, the only seats were middle seats between strangers. I picked the closest seat I could find to the front so I could be one of the first off the plane when it landed. The flight attendants were asking for volunteers to move so a mother and child could have two seats next to each other (guess they didn't show up in time for family boarding). They offered free drinks. The guy next to me asked if I wanted a free drink. I told him I didn't drink, which opened up a conversation.

I found out that this guy, Carlos, grew up in El Salvador until he was 14. Then he moved to the United States because of civil war and some of his family being killed. At some point he joined the military and served 14 years. Then he decided to go to school (KU). He asked me where I worked and then said, "Ah, so that must be why you don't drink." He told me he prays every day but doesn't go to church because he grew up going to a Christian school that he thought was kind of corrupt so he decided to rebel. We didn't get to talk much more about that because the plane landed, but it was cool learning so much about a random person on a plane.

My flight arrived 20 minutes early in Kansas City, so Lindsey wasn't there yet to pick me up. I missed out on my airport-arrival-I've-missed-you hug, but she met me at the curb and drove me to her house. Lindsey just bought a house in KC less than a month ago with one of her roommates, and I love it: 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3 stories and a basement; and it's done really well on the inside, nice paint, huge kitchen, little teal and blue tiles in the shower. It made me kind of angry at the not-so-great update job done on my house (namely the kitchen door that has obviously endured years of dog scratching and was simply painted over with a thick coat of white paint, and how you can see the old paint color along the ceiling/wall tops because they just weren't very careful. Anyway, Lindsey's house has definitely motivated to spend some time making my house look like I've actually been living here for a few months ... get some pictures on my walls on stuff so it feels more like a home.

Lindsey had to work at the hospital all weekend (she's a nurse). I enjoyed the day with Jenn. We slept in then went to eggtc. for brunch. I got French toast (sourdough bread). It was good. Then we watched the KU v. Missouri game. I fell asleep and missed the entire second half. Then we went to a coffee shop so she could have a chance to get some planning for school done (she's a teacher). I got some time to write and we headed to the grocery store to pick up supplies for dinner. Stromboli. We had been talking about how the ham and cheese stromboli we had for school lunch growing up was the best stromboli ever (true story). Jenn also made a salad. I fell asleep before 10:30, but Jenn and I got to talk after dinner which was encouraging and challenging (in a good way).

This morning Jenn had to work in the children's ministry during the early service so I went to a Starbucks down the road from the church. The late service was at 11; around 10 I left Starbucks and walked around Westport for 45 minutes. I wasn't wearing very good walking shoes and my feet hurt now, but it was beautiful and warm outside, and Westport is a neat neighborhood. I met up with Jenn for church and then we made lunch and then it was time for me to go to the airport. The flight out of KC was 20 minutes late, but it still made it to Nashville on time. Andrea picked me up. Miles was waiting at home and had surprisingly not destroyed my house.

I made a trip to the grocery store since I was out of bread and milk and deli meat and salad and basically anything to eat this week. The Girl Scouts stopped me on the way out and I bought some Samoas (my 2nd favorite; they were out of Thin Mints). Back to work tomorrow. I won't be in KC again until June (for Jenn's wedding), which is sad, but I'm kind of under the impression that there are a few people (and a cat) who value me being here in Nashville so I'll have to be content with mini vacations every few months. After all, I have to build up my 8 round trip flights to get a free one ... so I have a good excuse for frequent trips!

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