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140ish-character brief: I'm a 28-year-old Midwesterner-turned-Southerner. Wife to Nate, Mommy to Elijah and Elsa. Editor, writer, hobby genealogist. ISFJ. I love Jesus.

Commonly Asked Questions
What's it like being a triplet?
What's it like not being a triplet? It's all I've ever known. It's pretty sweet, though. Growing up, we had our own at-home study group for tests. We played sports together. I can't read my siblings' minds and I can't sense when they are hurt. After 26 years, we're in three different states; two are married, two are homeowners, and all three found great post-college employment. (woo hoo!) 

What's Kansas like?
Flat. Very flat. I've biked across the state three times so I know there are some hills, but they are few and far between. Lots of prairie. I moved to Tennessee and the first thing I said was, "There are so many trees here!"

Are you real religious?
I love Jesus, if that's what you mean. I'm a sinner and God's righteous judgment says I deserve death. Nothing I do can fix things between me and Him. I'm a slave to sin. It is humanly impossible to save myself from sin. I need a Savior. So Jesus died in my place, the sinless Son of God bearing God's wrath on my behalf. Totally undeserved. Now I'm living for Him, my Lord and Savior. This is the best news ever! And I anxiously await eternity with God.

Why do you blog?
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a quiet person. I'm good with words though, so my blog has been my outlet. I started this blog expecting to come to Nashville for a 2-month internship and that would be it. But I got a job, made Nashville home, and have been here since June 2009. What started as a way to keep my friends and family back home informed turned into a semi-regular chronicle of my life in Music City—a young adult stepping into "the real world" and (most of the time) loving it. Then came marriage and family, and blogging happens less frequently and most pictures are shared directly with family on the Cloud from our Apple devices … but I like to have this outlet.

What's your favorite food?
That's a tough one. I am a big fan of a quality medium-well steak. I also really like sweet potatoes done right: with butter/cinnamon and/or marshmallows. On the dessert side: mint chocolate chip ice cream, cherry cheesecake, or DQ ice cream cake.

Favorite drink?
Favorite tea is black—English breakfast tea (Tazo Awake) steeped extra strong with a packet of Splenda and some fat free milk. I am admittedly probably somewhat addicted to diet Coke, but I hope to cut the habit. I tell Nate, "Diet Coke is like my wine." When we collapse at the end of the day or at the kids' nap time, I like to enjoy a diet Coke.

True confession?
I'm a complete idiot. My future is incredibly bright. Anyone can get in on this.—The Immanuel Mantra

Favorite color?
Blue. When I was little, I thought it was silly that my sister had a new favorite color every week. My first "big" bike was blue, so I decided I liked it and vowed to stick with it. (I'm also partial to green.) 

Favorite place to travel?
I don't travel often, but we frequent St. Louis to visit family. And at least annually fly into Kansas City. We have family in Denver, and the mountains are beautiful. Farthest I've traveled: Newfoundland.

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  1. It's nice to read someone so openly and eloquently express their religious beliefs. Lately I've been noticing a "seeming" lack of respect/recognition in people that we are all God's children and should treat each other with that respect.


  2. Alyssa, I love your blog (my sis found it while looking for something else). Glad to see you are still walking closely with Jesus....He will never fail you. We miss you here in Burlington, but couldn't be prouder of the woman you have become.

    Dale (Fallon's mom)

  3. I never knew you had a blog/life/etc.

    pretty cool. congrats on [stuff] and [miscellaneous congratulations.]


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