73 degrees in Nashville today.
I'm not sure I need to say much else, but I will.

I drove home with my windows rolled down. When I got home from work, I turned off the heat and opened my windows. The fresh air smelled amazing, and Miles enjoyed sitting on the window sill and looking outside. I'm sure he would love it out there, but I know there are other cats who are bigger and older that like to hang around my yard, and I'm sure they would not like to make a new friend.

I spent the morning wishing fervently that I were still in Kansas City. You know how it is when you experience something really great and then it goes away; maybe that feeling when you have a bunch of close friends over for dinner and you spend the evening talking and laughing and then they all leave and you're sitting at your kitchen table alone, wishing they'd come back. Except that Kansas City is 600+ miles and $160 away and I don't get to go back for three more months.

I decided to take Thursday afternoon off from work. It was kind of an impulsive decision because of how I felt this morning and being bummed I was not waking up to spend the day with Jenn and Lindsey, but I think it will be good. There are things I want to do around my house, books I want to read, words I want to write, and hours of sleep I would like to reclaim. So I'm sure that Thursday afternoon will be well spent. (It's supposed to be in the 70s again on Thursday!)

I'm kind of falling in love with the Old Testament again. I grew up thinking it was boring and irrelevant, but I'm finishing up Numbers and in reading and studying it ... wow. What a great picture of a holy God and His redemptive plan for His people. Wow.

When imeem went away with its myspace merger, I wasn't happy. But this weekend Jenn told me about Grooveshark.com and I checked it out and I'm pretty sure I like it better than imeem. So check it out.

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  1. Thanks for the music site...I was needing some Garth Brooks this morning.


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