It was so beautiful outside today. When I got home, there was no way I could stay inside. I decided to do a little work on the yard. On the side of my house by my kitchen door there's a small row next to my fence and it was full of weeds and everything else. You name it, I probably found it out there: kitchen spoon, sardine can, milk lid, glass pebbles, snail shells, twisty ties, red and green confetti ... and several bricks. Every time I hit something hard with my spade, I uncovered it holding my breath, hoping the old guy who used to live here had buried a box of money out there. But it was always a brick.

Anyway, here's what I got done. The dirt was real dark and smelled like spring. I think it would be nice to plant some flowers out here; maybe sunflowers (do those grow in TN?).

So ... this is in the back corner of my backyard. I'm going to have to go at it with a machete. Basically there's a wire cage and some bent wire and a broken wooden dog house and lots of overgrowth.

 I bet this tree is amazing in the summer with leaves on it:
 The bad part about replacing my weeds with grass is that I have a really big back yard and a reel mower. That'll be quite a workout!
I think spring has sprung.

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  1. 1. Yes, sunflowers grow in TN.
    2. If you get real grass, going to have to forego the reel mower, for a real mower.


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