grande non-fat awake tea latte with sugar-free vanilla syrup and no foam.

Last night we got together at the home of a couple from our church. They have a beautiful property south of Nashville in the country. Five acres and a nice house with a wrap-around porch. They host the middle school and high school groups often, and they are excellent hosts. We got together with the college community group for a fall party.

They had decided costumes would be mandatory. I googled "last minute costumes" and decided I would tape some lines on a black shirt with a fork and be a "fork in the road." But when I went to the hall closet to look for masking tape, I saw Nate's hat and apron. Brilliant! I'll be Nate!

I went to the attic to find some construction paper to make a beard, and I found a sheet of brown foam, my fancy-cut scissors, and some brown string. So I fashioned myself a Nate-beard. I already have glasses that are kind of like his, so I put on my khakis, his work shirt, apron, and hat, and wah-lah!

Don't we look alike? Okay, you kind of have to blur your eyes … Nate was at work until 6:30 so he showed up to the party late, but he liked my costume. :) I wore the beard all night because it was warm and we were outside at the fire pit. Except when I would talk with the college kids, they all kept looking at me funny. They said they couldn't take me seriously with a beard.

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