crazy storms in january.

Our phones woke us up last night at 2:52 a.m. This is a relatively new thing with the iOS 6 … an alarm goes off when there is an emergency alert, which is kind of handy. Nate rolled over and I checked the @NashSevereWx feed on Twitter to see what was up. They were saying straight-line winds at 80-90 mph which is as strong as a tornado, so I got up to watch the news. It wasn't raining, just windy, and the tornado sirens were going off.

The weather reporters were showing the radar when the power went out in the studio. Then it came back on. They were reporting power outages around Nashville. Miles and Otis knew something was up because they were standing in the hallway and looking at me funny. I sat in the hallway with Miles and Otis thinking it would be smart to get their carriers out of the attic if we ever did have a tornado, and I put on my slippers so I'd have something on my feet. (Advice from a writer whose house was hit in Joplin.)

Nate finally got up and I told him to put on some shoes. He looks like he's trying to protect himself in this photo, but he's really just trying to go back to sleep. The storm was moving fast, so we were in the all clear before too long and went back to bed around 3:30. I left for work at 6 and there were some small twigs in the road and everyone had their trash at the curb for pick-up this morning and most of the lids had blown open and the bins were getting rained in. Some of them had fallen over.

The news confirmed a EF2 hit Mt. Juliet just east of Nashville and there was some structural damage done throughout Middle Tennessee. I liked this super warm weather the last few days but it's supposed to get back in the 30s. Crazy weather for January.

Last night Nate had his first Hebrew class of the semester. I stayed home and bothered Otis. :) I crack myself up.

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