last week.

Last week, two of Nate's friends—Danny and Michael—were both in town and he met up with them.

This cat—named Buddha—weighs 31 pounds. Apparently its owners fed it people food.
Now it is living at the Cat Shoppe and is on a diet. That is one fat cat!
Nate always lets me stop at the Cat Shoppe when we are in Berry Hill to pet the kittens.
We found mini-versions of Miles and Otis! And they were BFFs too.
The Immanuel Cafe. We have lights now! Still waiting for the sink to be hooked up.
Coffee is popular on Sunday mornings. Nate brewed for 2.5 hours straight—from 8 until the service started.
And there was no coffee leftover. I think people like it.

On Saturday, Nate and I went to the downtown YMCA. I've lived here for four years and haven't had a gym membership. But we both faced the reality that we have been exercising basically never. So we took a tour and got a free day, and then yesterday I signed us up. The Y downtown is really nice! There is a dark room of exercise equipment like treadmills and ellipticals, and they just show movies in there all day. How cool is that? And with our membership we can go to any of the Ys in Middle Tennessee. Plus I get a significant corporate discount. This will be very good for us, and Nate finally has a place to shoot hoops. I literally just have to walk one block to get to the Y from work. So here's to regaining some of that pre-2009 muscle.

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