Sunday afternoon, Nate installed our new mailbox! I may or may not be partially responsible for knocking over the old one.

I say partially because I didn't actually knock it over. It seems to have fallen over on its own. But a few months ago I may have contributed to cracking the post. It was a few years old anyway and painted yellow like our house. It was time for an upgrade.

I picked up the supplies at Home Depot, and Nate did all the work. The trouble was that Black & Decker power drill thing isn't very powerful. Not powerful enough to put screws into a block of wood. So we had to drill pilot holes. We have a drill that plugs in, but the post was already in the ground and we don't have an extension cord to reach to the mailbox. So that was a bit tricky.

Nate did the rest of the work on the side porch and then used the B&D drill and his muscle power to get the job done. We'll be investing in a 100 ft. extension cord sooner or later.

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