snow day.

Here's everyone who came out to Nashville for Thanksgiving: Mark, (me and Nate), Erica, Mom, and JR. Last year when Mom and Mark came out, it was 70 degrees. Much colder this year, but not unbearable.

Random fact: Nashville hasn't had measurable snow on December 10 since like 1934 and 1910. (Or something like that … I can't remember exactly what dates the news said. But it's been awhile.) We got a dusting overnight, and thus schools were closed. Despite brining and salting efforts, the interstates refroze and traffic was kind of a mess this morning. I left for work early, while it was still dark. Our main road had wet spots, a little slush, and didn't look like it had been cleared at all. People were driving 15 mph in a normally 40 mph zone. I stayed under 40, but 15 mph was a little too slow. I avoided the interstates (or the drivers, rather) and cruised into downtown up 2nd Avenue. The roads downtown were pretty slushy and slick, but once the sun came up, everything melted and by the time I left work, you could barely tell it snowed except for some leftovers in the shadows.

Baby Jones has been moving like crazy! Kicking or punching or something. I had felt little butterfly movements before, but starting this week (22 weeks and some-odd days) I have been able to feel him with my hand on my belly. Nate even felt him. I was pointing out to Nate yesterday that my innie belly button is getting shallower. I have a few maternity shirts, but I've just started wearing Nate's shirts around the house because they're big enough. Most of mine leave Baby Jones hanging out.

I can't believe how quickly Christmas is approaching. April is going to be here before we know it!

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