What a whirlwind of a weekend. It was packed. We got up early on Saturday to go to an all-day (9:00-4:30) childbirth class taught at Vanderbilt's 100 Oaks location. Nate had to work through the two-hour breastfeeding class I took a couple weeks ago, but he got the day off for this which was good. He needs to know what's going on. There were videos that I'm sure he would like to unsee, but from what I hear from friends, the videos we saw were much less graphic/more censored than the videos some classes show.

Our teacher was great and I definitely feel a lot less nervous about giving birth and confident in my decision to use epidural. The class also helped generate some specific questions I can ask my midwife at my next appointment.

The weather this weekend was wonderful! We were sad to spend most of Saturday indoors, but we did get to sit outside for lunch. I think the high reached into the 70s. Yesterday was in the high 60s, but unfortunately today's high is like 41. I am so ready for spring!

After class, we drove down to Franklin to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday. It was fun to spend the evening with lots of friends from Immanuel. We monitored the score of the KU game and made it home to see the end of the Wichita State game. March Madness is right around the corner. It's pretty much the best time of the year.

On Sunday, Jerry Root preached at Immanuel. Dr. Root is a renowned C.S. Lewis scholar and professor at Wheaton College. He is an excellent teacher and preached on God's love, even paralleling God's relationship with us and our dementia about our great love story with the plot from The Notebook. You can listen to the sermon through Immanuel's podcast page.

Then I drove up to Springfield—a 45-minute drive—to pick up a crib. So, so thankful for the generosity of friends (and strangers)! This crib is super nice; we are borrowing it from friends of friends who don't need it for awhile. Baby Jones' room and closet is starting to fill up with clothes and gear, and we are getting more and more excited about his arrival. I think the only "big" thing we still need is some sort of dresser we can also use as a changing table. We might use Nate's old dresser and just get him a new one because it's really small, but it definitely needs cleaned up and maybe some fresh paint.

I got home in time to start making some seasoned beef for tacos. Got that cooked up and headed to care group. We just started a care group at the home of some friends who live barely over a mile from us, which is awesome. Care groups are groups of Immanuel friends who get together a couple times a month to share life and pray for each other. Nate had to work this week, but we enjoyed potluck taco salads and asked the Lord to do big things. We are blessed by these friends.

Somehow I managed to get a couple loads of laundry in during the day. Nate beat me home and folded the laundry that was done and moved the second load into the dryer. We went to bed/collapsed on clean sheets and pillowcases—my favorite.

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