flight out.

A note I typed into my phone as I sat on the plane to KC. Elijah and I went back to Kansas at the end of February to attend my grandpa's funeral. I haven't had much time to write, but Elijah is almost one now and I'd like to get back to it, even if it's just journal-style.
I took Lyft to the airport. $14, including tip. My driver (Dustin) was a former Marine. Grew up in Nashville. Married, no kids. Recently returned from 2 years overseas. I told him I work at LifeWay. His Sunday School teacher is Lynn Prior. Small world. He goes to Lipscomb and is reading McClaren, skeptically. He gave me his card so I can contact him to get a ride when I fly home. I was his last trip of the day. He helped install the car seat. A good Lyft experience.
Airport went smoothly. Hardest part was lugging the 25-lb. car seat all the way to the gate. Note to self: get wheels for that thing! I am going to be so sore tomorrow. I need a good body massage!
E has given everyone—counter agents, TSA, other fliers, and flight attendants—the biggest, cutest smiles when they talk to him. TSA carried the car seat through security, and a dad carried it down the jetway for me. (He said he had two little ones and his wife would be angry if he didn't offer to help another parent.)
Next to our gate (C-18) I found a family restroom/lactation room and we camped there for 20 min. E got a fresh diaper. A good find.
A couple people asked me about my red gate check bag. A grandma whose daughter was nervous about traveling alone with a 2 year old asked me about my experience. I told her most people are helpful or probably would be if you just ask.
E was the biggest wiggle worm while we took off. It was past his bedtime though and they dimmed the cabin lights so I finally got him to nurse and by 8:20 he is out. A strain on my right arm but he sure is precious when he sleeps.

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