My birthday is Sunday … the big 2-4, which Nate so lovingly reminded me is halfway to 48. Nate and I decided to start birthday traditions. Each year for my birthday, Nate plans a surprise weekend getaway. I'll do the same for him in March.

This getaway was a surprise until a few days ago when I convinced him to tell me about it because he needed help planning some of the details. We had booked a hotel, but some family friends offered their upstairs to us for free (we love saving money). Some of the things on our agenda include the Tennessee Aquarium, Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain, the Y (to go swimming since we're not in a hotel), walking around downtown, and shopping. I am so excited about the aquarium. I will try to take lots of pictures.

A lot of our friends say Chattanooga is a very under-rated city. We hear there is a lot to do there so we are planning on packing out the weekend. And it's only two hours away from Nashville!

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