winter hike.

Yesterday the weather was so beautiful that Nate and I went to Radnor Lake when I got home from work. We took a 3-mile hike around the lake. The fresh air was awesome and there were a lot of other people enjoying the trails, too! Unfortunately we didn't see any deer or chipmunks—just one gray squirrel and some ducks on the lake. The rest of the animals must all still be hibernating.

I'm surprised they haven't been tricked into thinking it is spring. All of the daffodils are confused. They are blooming. Trees are budding. My blueberry bushes are budding. Some of the bulbs I planted in the front yard are starting to come up. I planted daffodils and tulips. I think the wildflowers I planted are coming up along the fence, but they might just be weeds. I'm afraid to pull them so I'm going to wait and see if they flower. I bought one of those big bags of wildflower seeds this fall and just dumped it along the fence. I'm going to be really disappointed if the overgrowth of odd-shaped greenery turns out to be weeds. There are weeds coming up all over the yard. And mole hills. I have weed killer to spray the yard when it's actually spring. I don't know how to kill moles.

We went home and I cooked a frozen pizza for dinner. Why do I feel guilty saying that? Work has been stressful and I have not been doing much cooking lately because I'm so tired when I get home. So we had pizza and watched Wheel of Fortune until the KU v. Oklahoma State game came on. And we watched parts of the Voice, which I only watch during blind auditions because after that it gets boring. Oh, and Nate and I can't keep a straight face when we see Cee Lo Green holding that flat-faced white cat. We crack up every time.

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  1. To kill moles...get a golden retriever and she'll kill them for you and leave them on your door step, except then you'll end up with big holes all over your yard instead of dirt mounds...or you can get something like a Victor Mole Trap which I've heard works pretty well.


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