safe place.

Me in our "safe place"
Friday night we had a little excitement with some severe storms and tornadoes moving through Middle Tennessee. Fortunately Nate got out of class early and came home before the hail started. We watched the news and decided it was time to make our "safe place" since we don't have a basement.

We cleaned out the bottom half of the hall closet, removed some shelves, and tested it out. I fit okay, but with Nate in there it is a really tight fit! It's hard for him to fold his long legs up in that little space but we did both fit with the door closed (barely). Mostly we were just trying it out. We only sat in there for a few seconds. Despite my insistence, Nate didn't let Miles and Otis join us. :) They hid under the couch, which is probably a relatively safe place, too.

We hardly got any rain and just a bit of golf ball-sized hail. Most of it went north of us. I spent Saturday morning putting the closet back together.

I am actually cooking this week! Well, it hasn't happened yet, but I went to the store and bought ingredients to cook. Tonight: southwest grilled chicken salad (because the romaine I bought was Manager's Special, $1.35, and it won't last much longer past tonight); white chicken enchiladas with green sauce, and hamburgers (we are fans of the half-price Tuesday nights at Sonic).

I can hardly believe we are already a week into March. Nate's birthday is coming up this month, and his sister, bro-in-law, and parents are coming to visit us. Work is c-r-a-z-y (that's an understatement) and I will have to make some decisions this month re: gardening and how much work I want to put into it. If I ever go missing, check our safe place. I might be there in the fetal position. :)


  1. glad you were safe :) miss you friend, love your blog's new look! why do i have such cool friends!?!

  2. I really enjoyed this blog piece. I was searching blogs on blogger and happened upon yours. We experienced those storms here in KY that evening...scary stuff! I really like your blog and you officially have a new follower haha. Feel free to follow mine as well.


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