The weather yesterday was so nice! When I got home from work, Nate was leaving for work so Nate's parents and sister and I decided to go to the Nashville Zoo. My membership is about to expire, but it allows me to get one guest in for free. Well, we got to the booth and they let all four of us in for free!

The weather must have been just perfect because all of the animals were very active. My favorites were the meerkats, the toucan, and the gibbons. We walked around the zoo for 2–3 hours and still didn't see the elephants, river hog, or giraffes. But we were all tired and hungry by then.

We got dinner at La Hacienda and then went home and relaxed for a bit. Caitlin, Lisa, and I ended the night by playing Scrabble. (Lisa won … by a lot.) They woke up early to catch me before I left for work at 6 a.m. today to say goodbye. They were driving back to St. Louis today. It was so great to have them in town.

How is next week the last week of March? This month flew by. In three weeks we'll be in Louisville for the Together for the Gospel conference. Nate will be wrapping up his semester before we know it, and I need to find a weekend to complete my online class! I'm still up in the air about my garden … whether or not it will happen. We do have flowering blueberry bushes in the front yard, so I am excited about that!

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  1. I absolutely love the zoo. I haven't been in a while, though. I think the last time I went was my freshman year of college. I went to the botanical gardens side and just walked around looking at everything. I didn't even go to the actual zoo part. My cousin just renewed her membership, though, and we're planning to go sometime soon. The zoo is always fun! At my local zoo there's this long trail with big rocks placed about. I've always wanted to take my journal and sit on one of the rocks to write. It looks like it would be so inspiring. Good luck with your class!


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