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We had a nice little treat at work today: pinkberry delivered! After a morning-long dept. meeting and a quick lunch, everyone in our department enjoyed some frozen yogurt: plain, chocolate, orange, coconut, or mango. I had the chocolate with some cheesecake bites and Oreo pieces for toppings. Delicioso.

Yesterday our friends from Kansas, Allison and Siji, and two of Siji's sisters, were in town on their way home from Florida, so they stopped in and stayed the night. We took them out to dinner at Peter's Thai and Sushi in Brentwood. I had pad thai (the usual). Afterward we stopped at Kroger and picked up some ice cream and then came home and had ice cream and coffee and caught up on life. They headed out early this morning (before 6 a.m.) so it was a quick visit but we hadn't seen them since our wedding so it was really nice.

Tonight we made burgers on our indoor grill and watched the news while I got some laundry started. Nate is studying for a test that I think he has to take before midnight.

We finally got all of our tax info (I think) sent to my sister. She is a CPA and is awesome and she does our taxes for us. I don't think I would even know where to start with taxes. Nate likes TurboTax, but I don't trust it. I want a human looking over my documents. Turns out Starbucks had been taking some taxes out of Nate's paychecks for KY because there was a misunderstanding about exactly where he was living. But it is straightened out now and we can file with KY to get our money back. We're crossing our fingers for a nice refund. (Even though I already told Nate he may not spend it on a new iPad.)

It has been raining in Nashville all day but it's been pretty nice. I like the rain. It is helping all the spring things grow. I also think it makes Miles and Otis extra-sleepy. They are out cold on our guest bed without even having any dinner.

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