Whew. It has been awhile since I've updated, but life has been moving at 100 mph. Nate and I vacationed in Atlanta for our first anniversary at the beginning of the month. It was awesome. I'll do a post on that soon. We enjoyed a week of rain in Nashville and now it is back to super hot and humid. I mowed the front yard yesterday (I guess Kevin has been really busy) and stopped to cool off under the hose and in the shade before I finished up because I was feeling pretty overheated.

I'm staying super busy at work and thanks to the heat most of the plants in front of the house have died so I'm planning a fall rip-everything-out-and-do-a-landscaping-makeover. I don't know anything about landscaping and am notoriously bad at keeping plants alive so it will be an adventure. Share your suggestions for hardy plants. I know for sure I will be planting lots of mums! The ones I have are still going strong. More soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I suggest crape myrtles, especially for your area.


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