it's HOT.

Nate had Thursday afternoon off, so when I got home from work he wanted to go do something fun. He picked shooting baskets at Trevecca and I obliged since he goes to the zoo with me. Unfortunately Thursday was the day that Nashville set all-time high temperature record of 109 degrees. Needless to say, we didn't last long on the court. Nate sweats a lot so his body is pretty effective at cooling him off, but I think I just overheat. We stopped for ice cream on the way home. :)

Friday night, Nate and I went on a double date with our friends from church, Michael and Hilary. They got married in March and moved to an apartment about a mile and a half from us. We had dinner and then went bowling. We played three games and I was terrible. I bowled the third game left-handed and I think I did better than I did right-handed. Plus my fingers and arms were sore; I haven't used those muscles in awhile.

Friday was hot too. We got done bowling at 9:30 p.m. and it was still 99 degrees! We have not been spending any time outside this week. I've even been parking my car in the garage at work so it doesn't cook me when I head home. Our air conditioning has been running non-stop.

Nate stopped by a local food truck called The Peach Truck and bought some fresh Georgia peaches. I cut them up and they looked good, but I have this thing about textures. And I didn't grow up on fresh peaches. I'm used to peaches from a can. I like them. It drives Nate crazy that I'm picky like that but I told him ... more peaches for him!

We went to the early service at church this morning so we were home a little earlier than usual so I made a special lunch: corn on the cob and honey glazed pork chops. The glaze is just brown sugar and honey, but we got to use honey Nate's dad collected from his bees in Maize, KS. I seriously haven't bought honey since I met Nate two years ago. We've had this three-pound jar since the wedding and we're just now breaking it open.

I've got a short week at work ... just two days before we're off for July 4 holiday. Nate and I will be celebrating our first anniversary a few days early. Can't wait.

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