Twitter is interesting. It's interesting to see what other people are talking about. I remember scrolling through tweets a few years ago when Cornell was playing Kentucky in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tourney to see what people were saying about the game. People talk about breaking news. People talk about major world events or catastrophes. Sometimes you can get information from people on the scene before the news outlets get it.

A lot of "trending topics" are usually dumb or pointless, but a couple days ago some of my coworkers were tweeting with the hash tag #fatbands. Fat bands? Are they talking about some sort of new weight loss strategy? Then I read the tweets. One word: HILARIOUS.

So I compiled some of my favorites to share with you. Friday is a good day to enjoy a laugh.

  1. Diabeatles
  2. Obesetie Boys
  3. Florence and the Vending Machine
  4. Macaroon 5
  5. 3 S'mores Down
  6. Taking Back Sundae
  7. Walk DMC
  8. KFC and the Sunshine Band
  9. One Digestion
  10. Bread Paisley
  11. Fleetwood Mac & Cheese
  12. Bon Bon Jovi
  13. Bruno Mars Bar
  14. The Red Velvet Underground
  15. Celine Dijon
  16. R.E.M&Ms
  17. Cinnabon Iver
  18. Bon Eclair
  19. Ben Folds Five Guys
  20. Slim Jim Shady
  21. The Beached Boys
  22. Trans-Fat Siberian Orchestra
  23. Honey Buns & Roses
  24. Flap Jack Johnson
  25. Flan Halen
  26. 50 Cent Wings
  27. 30 Seconds to Marzipan
  28. Bananas Foster the People
  29. The Rolling Scones
  30. Limp Brisket
  31. Eggs of Base
  32. Picnic! at the Disco
  33. Panic! at the Treadmill
  34. Sushi & Him
  35. Lardy Antebellum
  36. Soda Fountains of Wayne
  37. David Chowder Band
  38. Burger Kings of Leon
  39. Kid Wok
  40. Jelly Furtado
  41. Death Cab for Cookie
  42. Oreo Speedwagon
  43. Bootie & the Blowfish
  44. Cheese Whiz Khalifa
  45. Rascal Fatts
  46. Food Fighters
  47. Pearl Ham
  48. Lunchbox 20
  49. John Mayo
  50. Red Hot Chili Dogs

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