I went back to the cardiologist today since I finished my 30-day heart monitor. They did another EKG, but they've always been normal. They concluded that I have tachycardia, which I already knew, but they ruled out it being caused by any medications. So he decided our next step is an EP study. Next Wednesday I'm going to Vanderbilt to have it done. If they can pinpoint the cause of my tachycardia, they'll go ahead and do an ablation while they're in there. I'll be awake but partially sedated so I might not remember much of it. We're hoping they'll find the cause and do the ablation because that procedure has a 90-98% success rate and I could be tachycardia free! It's minimally invasive but the EP study takes 1-2 hours, the ablation takes 4-6 hours. Then I have to lay still for 4-6 hours afterward. Nate better bring something to read.

I got home from my appointment around 5 and picked up Nate and we went to the zoo. The Nashville Zoo posted some pictures on Facebook of their new baby lambs and clouded leopard cubs. They also had a baby giraffe born last Sunday, but it's not on exhibit. The zoo closes at 6, so we hurried. First we went and saw the lambs. They were cute, but I didn't get a picture because they were behind a fence and laying down and kind of hard to see. This horse came right up to us though.

Nate isn't particularly a huge fan of the zoo, but he goes because he loves me. And he loves his camera apps on his iPhone so he likes to take pictures of shadows and leaves and things. I told him we had to hurry to make it over to see the leopard cubs on the other side of the zoo. He said, "Hold on, I'm being an artist." Unfortunately we asked a zookeeper where the leopard cubs were, and she said, "They're only out during certain times and since we close in 15 minutes, I doubt they're out right now." So we'll have to come back some day and see what times they have them on exhibit. I was sad we didn't get to see them.

On the way out we passed the meerkats and the storks. Storks … you know, where babies come from. :) We renewed our 2-year zoo membership so it's OK that we were only there for an hour. For the two of us to go and to park, it would cost $35. We've been twice this month. A 2-year membership for both of us and FREE parking is $100. You do the math. That's a pretty great deal. Plus we live only a mile from the zoo. It's so crowded on weekends but I like to go after work during the week because hardly anyone is there. And it's mostly shaded so you can get a nice walk in without sweating to death.

After the zoo we were super hungry and thirsty. I've been cooking dinners all week so we decided to go out. We picked up sesame chicken from one of our favorite Chinese places. One is enough to share. It was so delicious. I also stopped by Kroger for some soda. Since being married, I switched Nate over to diet and they had 2-liters on sale so I stocked up. And I buckled them in the back seat. It only makes since! Nate took a photo because he thought it was funny, and he said I'm going to be a good mom someday. OK, no one likes their soda (or their kids) rolling around the car while they drive. I was just being practical! :)

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