warner woods trail.

Me and Nate after we finished our hike. I was squatting down so you can see the sign. :)
Nate and I slept in this morning and then drove out to Percy Warner Park west of the city. Back in 2009 before I bought my house, I lived with a couple of girls and they took me to hike at Edwin Warner Park, which is right next to Percy Warner. I hadn't been back since. Nate always sees the hills/mountains around here and says he wants to climb to the top, so we went hiking today. 

The Warner Woods Trail Loop was 2.5 miles but with the trek from the trail head, I'd say we went at least 3 miles. It was rated "Moderate" so there were some uphills that definitely got me sweating and a little out of breath but it was fun and beautiful. And the whole trail was very shady! It's so great that we can do something like this in our own city. I told Nate I would rather hike trails any day than go to the gym. We'll have to make this a routine to get back in shape!

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