16 june 12.

I think we looked forward to Saturday morning all week. When that alarm goes off at 5:15 and every five minutes afterward because I keep snoozing it, all I can think about is how nice it would be to sleep in. So this morning, we slept in. We woke up slowly and took showers and around 10, we went to Cracker Barrel for brunch.

After eating, we sat outside and played a game of checkers. This old lady walked by and said, "Do you have a camera? I'll take your picture." So I taught her how to use an iPhone. I got a picture of her shirt, a picture of me walking away from her, and several pictures of us with her fingers in the shot. :) But we cropped this one and even though you can see her reflection in the window, it turned out pretty good. I beat Nate in checkers, by the way. :) We ran an errand and then went home.

Nate asked me if I would cut his hair. Before you jump to any conclusions, this picture was taken MID-haircut. I wasn't finished! Usually I just trim and fade his head and do minimal touch-up on his beard, but this time he said he wanted it off for summer. No guard on the trimmer. It was pretty fun. I started in the middle top, but I should have given him a mohawk or something. :) Next summer. 

He wouldn't let me touch his beard, so the beard stayed. He has a nice cool head for summer. Now he just needs to work on getting that scalp a little more tan to match his forehead and neck. I rinsed his head off under the hose when I was done so he wouldn't drop hair all over the house on his way to the shower.

Sneak attack! If you ever come over to our house, be careful where you sit on the couch. Otis was all into the ninja talons today and he took a good slice out of my finger. Somedays during the day the little kitten in Otis goes bonkers. And that's when Nate grabs him and cuddles with him subdues him. Happy weekend!

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