monopoly night.

Last night we had Kierston over and had slow cooker ribs for dinner with potatoes and edamame. After dinner we ate dessert and played Monopoly. After some lucrative immunity deals, hotel builds, and mass payments on hotel maintenance, it was a close game between me and Nate. (Kierston was in major debt to Nate and ended up having to give him everything she owned.)

Then Nate said, "I need to go meet with my friend Michael at 8:30," which basically means, "I quit, so Alyssa—even though I have more property and cash than you—you win." :-) So in Monopoly world, Nate died or retired and wasn't worth anything anymore so I won by default. He owned more than half the board so he probably would have won in the end, but I wouldn't let us stop playing until he announced that I had won. I'm sure we'll have a rematch someday.

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