I went to Midas to have my oil changed recently, and they suggested I get my air filter changed the next time I come in. Well, I am the last person in the world who would pay Midas to change my air filter because it's easy-peasy. It costs me about $7 to buy a filter online. So I did, and while I was at it I ordered one for Nate's Honda. I had never changed Nate's filter before but a quick Google search showed exactly where it was located, and now he has a clean filter.

Nate had his first ITG (Immanuel Theology Group) of the year last weekend. He used my car to pick the speaker up from the airport on Friday, so I rode the bus home from work. I really like riding the bus. It's not cost effective compared to the price of gas, but it's relaxing and it really makes you love the people of Nashville. The drivers are really nice.

Before Nate went to ITG, I pulled his car into the driveway so I could wash it while he was away. It's a manual, so pulling it into the driveway is about the extent of my driving abilities. I haven't ridden in his car since we've been married because we prefer the Versa. But oh my. After getting in, I decided I would clean it too! So Friday night and Saturday morning, I cleaned out his car. Deep cleaned. I even unbolted the seats and pulled them out so I could clean underneath. I found receipts from 2005 (Nate's sister drove it in college) so it had been awhile since it was thoroughly cleaned.
Under the passenger seat, I found what I thought to be a ball of duct tape. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a sticker that said BRAEBURN. There you have it, a petrified apple. That was thankfully the worst thing I found. I imagine it could have been much worse. :)

Much better! It looks great now. By all aesthetic measures, you would never guess this car is 20 years old. I think Nate enjoys driving it more now.

On Monday this week, Nate started his classes for the fall semester. He is taking four classes. I am the organizer so I wanted to help him get ready for school. I got his syllabi in order in a binder and listed out his assignments and quizzes. Then I got his books and marked his reading assignments for the semester. Whew, he has a lot of reading. He is working full time as a team lead (basically assistant manager) and going to school full time. I'm so proud of him.

Nate took this photo last night. :) I was laying next to Nate and Otis fell in the space between us. Odie sandwich!

The semester is always a crazy time because Nate is always in class or at work or studying. Fortunately with my Aug. 1 deadline met at work, my schedule is a little less crazy and I am less stressed. Our college community group at church starts back next Sunday, and we are planning on going through Jared Wilson's Seven Daily Sins study with the college students. Looking forward to it.

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  1. Impressive....
    I don't think even the professional detailers take the seats out!


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