Nate and I walked around Belmont for a bit yesterday evening. We had an Instagram photo competition. We each posted two photos to Instagram, and the photo with the most "likes" was the winner. Here are some of the photos I took. The iPhone camera is amazing.

Nate taking a photo of a lion statue.

It had rained in the afternoon and the raindrops still sat on the plants.

Pretty purple.

My first entry into our InstaCompetition. This was the winner.

The lighting was great around 6 p.m. So much detail in this picture.
This was my second entry. Belmont has a beautiful campus.

Nate's in class all day and then works the closing shift tonight. Boo. I'm getting stuff done around the house (cleaning/laundry) and working on my family tree. It's cloudy with a chance of rain. Hurray for three-day weekends!


  1. love those pictures :]

    I like the "instacompetition" thing!

    Ty would probably smoke me every time though just because he'd have a ton of followers or something.

  2. Haha I know! I told Nate he had an unfair advantage with more followers.


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