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I've been cutting Nate's hair since before we were married. (So, like two years.) We have tried out some cheapo razors and have always been understandably disappointed with how fast they wear out and how they pull Nate's hair more often than actually cut it, but I came across a great Amazon deal for a Wahl 20-piece hair clipper set. Typically $40.99, on sale for $19.89. And it's amazing! Really heavy and durable, and the guards are color-coded, so no more squinting to find the #2. We couldn't get Nate's hair and beard trimmed at a barber for $20.

So this week, he decided it was time for a trim. Er, maybe a shave rather. I didn't use a guard and took everything off the top. Only after first giving him a mohawk (a very crooked one!) and some gnarley sideburns. I like when it's cooler outside and we can cut his hair on the side porch because indoors gets pretty messy. He trimmed up his own beard. I tell him it's getting too long when he comes home from working late and kisses me goodnight and I nearly suffocate.

I know, I know. I'm a cat photographer lady. I just can't help it because my iPhone is so accessible and every evening I look over and oh my goodness, he is soooo cute right now! Honey, look at Otis! Look how cute he is. I have to take a picture! This photo is from last night. He was bathing himself on the couch and then looked up and stared at me like this for five minutes. I'm not even exaggerating. Miles can be cute too but he is all black so it's very hard to get a good picture of him. He kind of blends into everything.

Well, yesterday morning Nate called me at work and said his car wouldn't start. I went home and picked him up and he was late to work. Ah, the unreliability of a 20-year-old car. I'm ready to sell it and move on. But we found a local mechanic who does remote work, so he can come look at it for a small fee and if we want him to fix it, he waives that fee. So if it's a small problem, we'll fix it. If it's too expensive, we're only out the small fee.

This week we're sharing my car, so that meant Nate getting up super early with me to take me to work. (He didn't have to work until 10:30.) But he works until 6, and I get off at 3, so I'm taking the bus home. I like the bus, but at $1.70 for one way, it's not cost-effective compared to driving. But it's convenient when we need it, and I like the people.

I'm excited for September. I start a Bible study this month at church on Tuesdays (Tim Keller's Romans study) and we have our first Women's Immanuel Theology Group (ITG). Also this month, Nate gets an endoscopy! At Vanderbilt. He is not excited about it, but he regurgitates every time he eats so something is definitely wrong. They think possibly it's esophageal stricture, when the esophagus gets too narrow due to scar tissue buildup or something. If that's the case, they can stretch it out with a balloon thing. I told him not to worry. I'll be there, and at least it's not a colonoscopy. But wait, the thought of a tube with a camera on it getting shoved down your throat … uh, yeah. Sorry, honey, a colonoscopy might be better. He'll be fine though. After my EP study, we know now you have to be very vocal and demanding when you need pain meds. He'll do great.


  1. Replace "Otis" with "Gray-Gray" and I hear that comment just about every night. I must be married to your twin sister or something like that.

  2. Endoscopies aren't bad...at least when I had one I was knocked out :]


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