birthday boy!

Today is Nate's birthday! The big 2-9. I remind him how close that is to 30 which sounds old to a 25 year old. :) I know it's not too long before I'm there.

Nate had to open at Sbux this morning (at 4:30). I got up with him and dropped off a couple of our friends at the airport at 4:30 this morning. I love the city when it sleeps. Driving when it is still dark: no traffic, streetlights flashing yellow, building lights shining. It's beautiful.

After the airport, I drove to Nate's store and waited for it to open at 5 a.m. Nate made me a hot chocolate and sausage breakfast sandwich, and I headed to work early. I'm dragging a little this morning … thankful for a standing desk so I can't fall asleep!

Nate and Miles :)

Nate worked on his preaching homework last night, and Miles kept him company for a little while. :) Nate also has a Hebrew class this evening. Not much time for fun on his birthday, but his family (mom, grandma, and sister) is arriving tonight for a few days.

I've got to get home after work and do at least a week's worth of dishes that have been piling up. I've been putting them off for several days. Oh, what a wonderful day it will be if we ever live in a home with a dishwasher. A luxury! :)

Happy birthday, Nate. Here's to a week full of fun. To many more birthdays. To time with family, time to rest, and time to celebrate you. I love you! :)

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