Nate is used to me reaching for the phone to take a picture (or 12) when Miles or Otis is looking extra cute. But sometimes I catch Nate and Miles or Otis looking extra cute … and I take a dozen pictures. Nate always says, "No Instagram-ing!" Maybe he is embarrassed to be seen as a man who admittedly likes cats. ("You've turned me into a cat-liker," he says.) But I loved this photo too much not to share. (And until we have kids someday, Lord willing, you all get photos of us and the cats, haha)

It was about 4 p.m. I came home after work and a quick grocery store trip. We put up the groceries and were tired, ready for a nap. I was asking Nate about his day. Otis joined us. We napped maybe 10 minutes and I got up because I needed a snack. And okay, so Otis was at the end of the bed but he never fights a cuddle. I kind of posed him, but he happily stayed when I started taking pictures. The sun was coming through the window. Warm afternoon, relatively.

This is my favorite place to be. And I always say that I love Miles and Otis equally; they are just different. I have a special place in my heart for Miles because I adopted him when he was 4 months old, 3 years ago. He was with me my first year in Nashville when I was single. Sometimes Miles meows for seemingly no reason; he just wants me to pick him up. Maybe once a week he'll sit on my lap if I'm brushing him. Otis is a year and a half younger; a snuggler, always happy to climb on your lap. Purring and playful.

How is it that April is here already? We had incredible Good Friday and Easter services at Immanuel this past weekend. I love our church. What a gift. April is a busy month for us. Nate to Orlando for The Gospel Coalition conference, me back to Kansas for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, and some frantic cleaning and organizing to get ready for a summer roommate moving in next month.

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