sunshine state.

Nate's view from his hotel in Orlando

Nate is coming home! He has been in Orlando since Sunday at The Gospel Coalition conference. He's driving back and should get here around 10 p.m. But then Friday afternoon, I'm flying out to Kansas for my grandparents' 60th anniversary celebration, so he'll have a weekend alone. I'll miss him but hopefully he can get caught up on homework. :)

I had big ambitions of spring cleaning the entire house while Nate was gone, but … didn't happen. I'm just so dang tired when I get home from work! On Sunday, I did start to trim bushes in the backyard, which was a lot of work and I feel like I made no progress. Monday I did errands and washed/vacuumed my car. Tuesday I installed two sets of shades in the study. Tonight I'm hoping to get another layer of mulch down and do some light cleaning/dishes. We're supposed to get crazy storms here Thursday.

More later. Ciao.

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