birthdays and anniversaries.

This past Friday, I flew to Kansas City to join in the celebration of my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. Since Nate had just arrived home from Orlando, he stayed in Nashville to get caught up on his schoolwork. My sister picked me up from the airport, and we drove home.

The party was Saturday afternoon in El Dorado. Neither of my grandparents were feeling 100%, but they were glad to see everyone. Probably about 50 friends and family members came to celebrate. We had cake and punch, and my dad put together a slideshow of pictures of my grandparents.

Me and Grandma (Mauricia)

Grandpa (Roy) and me

There were also some old family photos on a table which were fun to look at. It is crazy how looks are passed down! This first photo (left) is my dad at age 9 months. The photo on the right is my brother, probably close to the same age.

This next photo is Grandpa Roy. It looks exactly like my brother's face. I couldn't find a good example of my brother to compare it to, but I seriously can't stop looking at this photo because the resemblance is crazy.

 Sunday was Mom's birthday, so Erica made a homemade ice cream cake.
(I helped by crushing up the Oreos.) It was good.

Mom's not that old, but old enough for us to start throwing around old-age jokes. I got her a card that said: "I decided not to get you a funny card for your birthday …" "… because I know how easily people your age pee their pants." ahahahaha

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