ICT: Wichita Trip

Took our spring/summer vacation last week. We flew back to Kansas for a wedding. The last of Nate's high school friends to get married. I flew out early to visit Jenn in Manhattan, then drove through Burlington, helped my grandma out for a day in Leon, and then drove to Wichita Friday. Nate flew out Friday, and then drove to Wichita. Funny thing, we had the same rental car. Chrysler 200. His black, mine white. We returned his in Wichita and used mine the rest of the trip. We had a great time. Here are some photos from the week.

Kansas! Scientifically flatter than a pancake.
Amos! The smartest 20-month-old I've ever met! So cute.
Tofer Jones. Part Irish wolfhound. Sometimes described as "a big slug."
We walked around the riverside. Here is Andy touching a butt at the Wichita Art Museum.
A troll at the river

Ryan helping Nate with his tie. Nate read Scripture at Ryan & Alicia's wedding
Ryan and Alicia getting ready to cut the cake that Ashley made.
Ryan and Nate
The unofficial reunion of Maize High Class of 2003

Nate and me with the Boyles at KC's "Celebration at the Station" … KC symphony and fireworks

I think Otis missed us. He seemed glad to have us home.
I cleaned up the grill, so Nate grilled on Memorial Day.

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