The Glade girls softball team
Last night I joined Katy's softball team for the third week to fill in as a substitute. It's fun. I feel like I'm improving a bit in understanding where I should be and when and where to throw it. Considering I've had no batting practice, I do okay. Mostly because I can run fast enough to make it to first. Last night I hit the ball and took off and was super sore when I hit first. Left quad feels strained so I'm icing it.

The women on the team are fun. I play right-center field; I've played third and right field too. It was in the 90s when we started yesterday and muggy, but I like being outdoors and getting some exercise.

Touring the new building. It'll be cleaned up before we move in. 
Immanuel Nashville is moving! Our church is outgrowing the building we got married in (which we were leasing) so we got a sweet deal on renting a bigger building closer to downtown. Our attendance is about 500 and this sanctuary holds 1,000. So we can go back to one service and have room to grow. Move date is looking like end of summer/early fall. Lots to do before then. (Nate is an elder and they literally have a list of over a hundred tasks.) But we are excited. The Lord has been good to Immanuel.

Instagram magnets!
I've mentioned before that I faithfully read the blog Under the Sycamore daily. One of her posts showed some Instagram magnets from PicPack, and I decided to get some. They come from Germany and the price is around $20. (It's shown in Euros.) They turned out so great. I think it was worth $20.

What else? Nate has Saturday off which is rare so we are planning to go on an adventure. Not sure where yet. Maybe I can finally get him to go kayaking a river with me! We'll see. :) I finally made him an appt. at Vanderbilt for an esophageal motility study in July. After two endoscopies, the cause of his regurgitation issues is still a mystery.

We are having a door-decorating contest at work and there is a fabulous prize. I have what I think is a great idea for my door. There are really no guidelines; we have until the end of June to decorate. I won't give away my plan yet but I'll post about it when it's up!

Nate's family (sister, mom, aunt/uncle, cousins) are coming to Nashville next Friday. We are excited to spend some time with them.

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