Black-eyed Susans
Some of the flowers I bought last week when I traded in my dead ones at Home Depot. Taken with my iPhone 4S and edited in the Afterlight app. Nate got a new camera yesterday for shooting HD video. (An early graduation present … I told him he better graduate, haha.) It also shoots stills so I'll be sneaking it away every now and then. I don't know anything about photography/using a camera except in auto mode, but maybe I'll learn.

Swiss Army Knife

Last week I got a Swiss Army knife. Because I kept running into situations where I told Nate, "It'd be really handy if you had a pocket knife to open this." Instead I got myself a little (about 2¼ inches long) pocket knife with a knife, file, toothpick, tweezers, and itty bitty scissors. The scissors came in handy when I was cutting the background to decorate my door at work. I use it almost every day! And it's yellow … cute.

Last night we had dinner with Ben, Amy, and Hudson. So fun. After dinner, Ben showed Nate the ropes on using his camera while Amy and I watched a movie. They hooked us up with some Cardinals tickets, so we plan to head to STL next month for a Sunday game. Nate's fam gets in town today, so it will be a fun few days of adventure in Nashville.

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