two years.

Today, Nate and I are celebrating two years of marriage! It's been so fun. Our wedding day was awesome, and I love looking back at the photos. I love how our photographer, Dani Braden, captured so many of our friends and family.

Everything came together so perfectly. The bouquets were beautiful. I handmade my necklace and earrings and the bridesmaids' jewelry. I had stayed out of the sun to avoid tan lines in a strapless wedding dress. My white skin paid for it the first day of our honeymoon at the beach! :)

In front of the red doors at Immanuel Church in Nashville. We love Immanuel. Our first visit was the first weekend we hung out in June 2010. We've been there ever since. We are saying goodbye to this building next month as we move to a bigger location!
Apparently I can't blow out candles correctly. On our way out the doors, I bent down and blew out a tealight candle … and blew wax all over my face! (Not my first incident with a candle.) Nate was wiping it off my face. I love you, Nathan Jones! Here's to many, many more.

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  1. Happy anniversary, Nate and Alyssa. I love you guys. It was a beautiful wedding, just like your marriage!


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