We are two weeks away from the big day and we are (mostly) ready. Nate has both Saturday and Sunday off, so we will be able to get a lot done this weekend. A week ago, the second bedroom was a wreck. I got it organized and suddenly felt a lot less stressed out. Tomorrow we are moving Nate's stuff in ... not sure where we will put it! He has a lot of books.

Favors. We bought 138 bottles of Jones soda. We're only expecting about 120 at the wedding, but hopefully some people will take more than one. These will also serve as part of the table decorations. I'm not a big drinker of non-diet sodas, and Jones is pure cane sugar. Imagine drinking cotton candy. It's kind of like that.

I'm not going to lie. I was practicing writing "Alyssa Jones" probably a month after we started dating. :) We still have a lot of small things to do, but I think if we spend our time wisely, the week before the wedding will not be a giant panic attack. With the Fourth of July holiday, I'll have Monday off, work Tuesday, and then take the rest of the week off.

I am working on thank-you tags to hang on each bottle of Jones soda. They are made out of the leftover paper from our invitations. They will also include our address. All I have left to do is glue on the address pieces. I like working on the small details. I think they make an occasion extra special.

This morning Nate surprised me at work by bringing me a diet cherry Dr. Pepper from Sonic. I took a break and he showed me the slideshow he has been working on for the reception. It was so great! I'm excited for everyone to see it. Nate is working tonight so I'm trying to motivate myself to do dishes and pick up the house before getting some more work done on wedding details. I'm so excited!

The future Mrs. Jones,

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