T-minus 22.

On Monday my team hosted a wedding shower at work for Nate and me. It was so great. It was Betty Crocker themed, and we even got our own aprons! Everyone who came brought their favorite recipe to share with us.

We are getting married in three weeks! The goal is to have everything ready (minus food) by Sunday (Yes, this Sunday) so that our final weeks will be organizing and tying up loose ends. Big things that are left: marriage certificate, payments to vendors, programs, rehearsal dinner details big and small, choosing a song for the wedding march, decorating …

We have been so bad at delegating so we have mostly been doing everything ourselves. Yesterday when we sat down and realized how close we were getting I dramatically threw my head back and wailed, "Noooo! Heeeelp Usssss!" Nate probably thinks I'm crazy sometimes when we are planning. I apologized to him for thinking all of his ideas are lame :) He says he just can't explain them well enough for me to understand their awesomeness.

So if you have shown even a hint of interest in helping in any way, get ready because we will contact you soon and put you to work. We are also accepting new volunteers. And I am not even joking.

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