T-minus 11.

Another productive weekend. I am very thankful that my next weekend is a three-day weekend. This Saturday, we packed up Nate's room and Katy and her husband and Nate's roommate, Joey, helped us move it into the house. The second bedroom is completely packed. We'll have to do some rearranging to get the wedding stuff out (see tidy first picture in previous post). Poor Nate is back at his apartment with not much more than a toothbrush and an air mattress. He'll stay with a friend a few days before the wedding.

Sunday I did a trial run with my hair stylist, and Nate and I met up with Ray and Jani for our last pre-marital counseling session. We are 11 days out and I am starting to feel the stress a little. Jani said it's so easy to not enjoy your wedding at all so I am going to try hard to love it! I passed off a craft project to one of my wonderful coworkers and am trying to find places where others can help take some of the load off.

Nate is officially a Tennessee resident. He got his driver's license and license plate. We added his car to my auto policy, and it is actually cheaper to add Nate's car than to not cover it. I think we are saving about $300 a year, thanks to a multi-car discount and marriage discount (they said we were close enough).

The UPS man has been a regular at our house, delivering wedding gifts, and last night we used some of the boxes we have been accumulating to build a little house for Miles. So far he wants nothing to do with it ... we even forced him in it and he panicked and tried to squeeze out the little side window, but his head got stuck.

Our neighbor Kevin has invited us over for the Fourth of July. Everyone on the street gets together and they set off bricks of firecrackers. Huge ones. Last year they did three, but Kevin said this year they're doing five. We invited him and his family to the wedding. He knows someone who sells fireworks and he is going to get 150 long sparklers for us for when we leave the reception.

Nate has had four days in a row off so he has gotten a lot done for wedding, but he works the next seven days. I'm working late for an offsite writers conference this week. The nice thing is I get to sleep in a little. I will be working hard to make the most of the upcoming three-day weekend before family starts to arrive. I'm getting married!


  1. Now...let's see if Nate can also have a W-2 with "Tennessee" on it, just to make it official. :)

  2. Can't wait for the sparklers. Both moms have now met and we have been telling stories.


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