I'm excited for this upcoming week. I'm only working Tuesday and the rest of the time, I'll be running the race to Saturday. I wouldn't say I'm very stressed out, but a little bit. Nate could probably give a more accurate description of my stress levels based on how many times I've had a breakdown in the last few days, but I think everything will come together just fine.

Yesterday morning I woke up and thought, I'm going to finish painting the bathroom this morning. I know, I know. I talked to my mom on the phone, and she said, "I can't believe you're painting your bathroom a week before the wedding!" But it was partly painted and I wanted to just get it done. And most of my to-do list now is just little details, so painting was a gratifying task that yielded visible results. I like to see progress. Thanks to a free quart of Glidden paint I signed up for a received in the mail, I painted the bathroom for $5 (the cost of the paint tray/rollers/brushes set) plus the cost of the painter's tape ... a less than $10 project, and it looks so much better.

As you can see in the photo, Miles likes chewing holes in the blinds. And the bathroom is the least damaged room in the house. After the honeymoon, all of our windows will be getting cat-resistant treatments. Now I am more confident in my painting abilities, because this was really my first painting experience. I helped paint a room at church, and I will probably never again paint alone. The bathroom was small, but it took forever! We have to paint over some not extremely attractive yellow walls in both bedrooms, and I'll find a time Nate is around to help.

Also yesterday, I put up a clock we got as a wedding gift. It was large enough to position to cover the hole where the older, smaller clock hung and to cover the two big screws in the wall where I botched an attempt at hanging a shelf.

Friday night, we put wedding planning aside and had a date night. Probably our last date night as an unmarried couple. I made spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner, then we went to the movie theater at 100 Oaks Mall and saw Larry Crowne. It wasn't bad; we laughed a lot. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are probably by favorite actor/actress. We usually watch movies via Netflix or Redbox or the dollar theater, where it costs just $3 for us to see something a little older on the big screen. I probably drive Nate crazy because I think in numbers sometimes. New movies are a treat; we could see seven movies at the dollar theater for the price of one movie at 100 Oaks.

We were out putting Nate's Tennessee license plate on his car when my neighbor, Margaret, came walking up the street with her dog. I introduced her to Nate and told her we were getting married on Saturday. I'm not sure Margaret always hears everything I say. Sometimes you have to yell and she just smiles and nods her head. She heard me though and said she was happy for me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I think she is about four and a half feet tall, so I had to bend way down. It was pretty funny seeing her stand next to Nate.

Hard to believe we're getting married in 6 days! Yay!

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