Alright, maybe I'm crazy for blogging on my wedding day, but it's early and my bridesmaids are still asleep. I've got a couple hours.

Yesterday was the big decoration and rehearsal day. I met my friend Tonya at the church at 9:30 a.m. and we got to work. Family joined us throughout the day and we managed to get everything set up by about 3 p.m. We rushed home to get ready for a 4 p.m. rehearsal.

The rehearsal went smoothly and dinner was catered in from Baja Burrito, our favorite place to eat in Nashville. If you've never been, go. If you need a caterer, they did an excellent job. We had a taco bar set up. They brought a giant supply of chips and lots of queso. Lots and lots of queso. Everyone at the rehearsal dinner stood up and said how they knew us and then told a story they remember about me, Nate, or both of us. The priceless tales came from Nate's two cousins, Ellie and Sarah, who are also our flower girls.

Sarah: "I remember one time when we surprised Nana Ruth for her birthday and Nathan came and he had a really big beard."

Ellie: "I also remember Nana Ruth's birthday and when Nathan came he was really big and we were scared."

Last night the bridesmaids came over for a couple hours after the rehearsal dinner. My sister Erica had asked Nate 16 questions, and I had to guess how she answered them. I got all of them right! Well, except for one. But I think Nate was just too embarrassed to tell my sister what his answer would really be. Everything from what I was wearing on our first date, to shoe sizes, to what I would buy if someone gave me $10 (ice cream sandwiches), Nate and I know each other pretty well. :)

Today will be a blur as everything comes together for a 3 p.m. ceremony. I love the way the reception decorations turned out. We have a Polaroid table where people can take their pictures and then clip them up to some twine with mini clothespins. I'm so excited. It's so fun to see so many family and friends. Well, I've got to start getting things together to be at the church in an hour and a half for hair. I won't blog again until after the honeymoon. For now, here are some pictures from Thursday and Friday:

Potting flowers for centerpieces. (Me, Karen, Geoff, Marissa)

Geoff and I putting together a TV stand.

Andrew, Andy, Michael, Caitlin, Geoff, Marissa, Andrew, me, Lyle at our house

Entry table at church with programs and frame to sign

Karen, Mark, Lisa, Caitlin, and Hannah helping decorate

Tonya and I before decorating

Almost finished decorating!

My brother, me, and Marissa after the rehearsal dinner

The Jones family and me, Clarissa, and Anne

8 hours away from being Mrs. Jones,


  1. Aw! I read through your last week - what a busy leading in week to the wedding! Hope today is amazing Alyssa - I know it will be! Big congrats and praying for the newest Jones family as you start out today!!!

  2. just came across your blog! Congrats on your wedding! My sister got married saturday also! We are also in middle Tn!


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