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Ten days into marriage and I still find myself thinking, I wonder if Nate is going to come over after he gets off work tonight. Oh, yeah! He lives here now! It's the best.

St. Augustine was pretty great. I fell asleep on the beach late Monday morning with my hands under my head and woke up with a pretty intense burn. Who knew you could burn your armpits and eyelids? Needless to say, we took the next couple of days soaking in aloe, touring around the historic district, and watching Redbox movies. We went back on Thursday with an umbrella and beach chairs, free rentals from our bed & breakfast. If you're ever in St. Augustine, I highly recommend the Bayfront Westcott House. It was wonderful.

This afternoon when I got home from work, I called the gas company. We've been putting it off for months, and I don't know why. There's a gas lantern out by the driveway that is shut off, but you can smell gas anyway. I said, "I can smell gas." The operator said, "How long have you smelled it?" "Oh, I don't know. A couple of months." "What? This is a very dangerous situation. Do not go outside in the area of the leak. Do not start your car in the area. Do not light a flame. I will put you through to emergency." Turns out there was a leaky valve. We don't use the lantern, so the gas guy disconnected it and capped the pipe. Glad that's over with.

Last night was the first time I made dinner as a wife. :) I found a spread in the most recent issue of Real Simple magazine that described 10 recipes using boneless chicken breast. I cooked chicken with salt and pepper in olive oil, then layered it on a slice of French bread with sliced tomatoes, slices of mozzarella cheese, and basil, and then broiled it to melt the cheese. It was pretty good. It was fun planning out meals for the next two weeks. When wedding planning got down to the wire, we were eating out a lot.

I'm convinced there's no question you can't answer via Google. Before you interrupt someone else with a question, Google it. I've learned how to replace a shower diverter, cut Nate's hair, and what time was that friend's wedding, again? Nate's been coming home with achy feet. He's got this huge boney lump on his right foot and another forming on his left. They've been there awhile. All his jobs since college have included long periods of standing. Poor guy. I am pretty sure he has metatarsal-cuneiform exostosis. Hopefully we can give him some relief by finding better footwear. The surgical option does not look like it would be any fun.

I was very excited this week to find out that I can mail in my forms and documents to the Social Security Administration for my new card instead of going to the office and standing in line for who knows how long. First that, then the driver's license, then the fun of discovering every other place my name is written down. At least they have it right on my office door. :)

I love being married,

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  1. Congratulations again! And good luck with the name change stuff. Not fun, but boy does it feel good to see your new name in so many places!


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