nice day for a white wedding.


Nate and I got married a week ago in Nashville. We don't have many pictures yet (except what our guests took) so here is a brief overview of the day. I really liked our programs; they were very similar (same font!) to our invitations, and they were simple. I printed them at FedEx Office and they even cut them to size.

Me and the flower girls, Ellie and Sarah. They are Nate's cousins. We took tons of photos before the wedding so we wouldn't have to take them between the ceremony and reception. I had a list of exactly who I wanted to be in each family/wedding party photo, so my bridesmaid Anne read the list and directed people and it went very smoothly. We got done in record time and Nate and I went off to take some photos outdoors (and got a little sweaty) before the ceremony. Fortunately it was very cool in the church. 

Nate's coworker, Dani Braden, was our photographer, and another coworker, Amanda, did hair. My coworker, Katy, picked up the bouquets and boutonnieres from Fresh by Carry Ann in Mt. Juliet. She did a great job! This photo doesn't show the flowers very well, but they were so beautiful. I was very happy with them.

At the reception, we had a table set up with an instant camera. It was so fun looking at pictures our guests took of themselves when we got home. We had plenty of film left, so we took the camera with us on our honeymoon and took photos all over St. Augustine, Florida. The only bad thing about that is we have no digital photos to share online, but these will make a great photo book.

Ryan and Alicia. I don't have very many pictures yet so I took a lot of these from the ones Ryan posted on Facebook. We fond the decorative paper at Michael's, and the string and mini clothespins are from save-on-crafts.com. 

I made name plates for me and Nate out of Scrabble tiles. When Nate still lived in Louisville, we played Scrabble against each other online. I never really got into Scrabble before I met Nate, but it is one of our favorite games.

We had a dessert reception. Provence Breads & Cafe did some of our desserts. They were delicious! Nate's mom and I also went to Sam's Club and picked up lots of fruit, cream puffs, cheesecake squares, and other cute little desserts.

Neither of us are big fans of cake, so we got a small cake to cut at the reception. I painted clay pots white and added an aqua ribbon. On Thursday before the wedding, we went to Home Depot and bought all types of flowers to pot in them. I liked it better than cut flowers because they didn't die after a few hours. We were able to borrow Christmas lights from friends at church, and we found paper lanterns for $1 each at Dollar Tree. They used AAA batteries and lit up! Another friend from church loaned us more than 100 little candles in glass holders. It was perfect.

Some church friends at the reception. Our friends and family were such a help in decorating. The Jones soda was one of my favorite touches. On each table we had baking cups filled with candy ... Hot Tamales, Skittles, gummi bears, and chocolate covered raisins. There were extra chocolate covered raisins which I, of course, confiscated and finished off while we were getting our hair done and waiting for the ceremony to begin. :)

Caitlin, Nate's sister, waves us off. With July 9 being so close to July 4, we thought it would be really fun to leave the reception to sparklers. We didn't exactly test out the sparklers beforehand, and they turned out to be a little smokey (and according to some guests they burned your hands pretty quickly) but it was still cool and fun.

It was kind of a blur, but we really enjoyed it. We spent most of last week totally exhausted! I had no problem sleeping in which is a huge accomplishment for me. St. Augustine was fun and relaxing. On Tuesday we went to a salon and I cut my hair. Several inches off ... it was too hot! I had been growing it out for the wedding up-do but I was ready for something new.

We've officially been married for a week! And someone told us that Nate's mom insisted in putting the rehearsal dinner leftovers in our freezer ... we are really excited about eating Baja Burrito tacos for lunch today, but what are we going to do with these 225 tortillas?! And all of these cheesecake bites and cream puffs? We might have to put our post-wedding diet on hold.

Nate is back to work this evening and I am sorting through dozens of work e-mails. I'll be sharing more photos as we get them.

Happily Mrs. Nathan Jones,


  1. I hope you have as many happy married years as we've had - you were married on our 34th wedding anniversary! (If the Lord leaves us!)

    Grace be with you.

  2. looks WONDERFUL! : ) congrats!

  3. Mrs. Jones (how fun is that to say!), you looked beautiful!! And your dress is/was gorgeous. =D

    May your life together be full of joy!

    ~ Andi H.


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