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My brother at the Parthenon
I'm surprised I'm finding time to blog; everything the last two days has been a blur! Today was busy. Nate's mom came over at 9:30 a.m. and we headed out to get some shopping done. We hit Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Aldi, and Sam's Club. At Sam's Club we loaded the cart with desserts and fruit for the reception. Then we drove it all to the church to put it in the fridge and freezer. My brother and his girlfriend, Marissa, flew into Nashville today and we met up with them back at the house.

After lunch, it started to rain. It started to pour. I still had a couple of errands to run but we stayed inside while the rain came down. The FedEx guy (I felt so sorry for him) wheeled a large package up to the front porch in the rain. It was another wedding gift, a TV stand! Our TV has been on the floor forever, so we spent the afternoon putting it together. When the rain stopped, we paused the project and went to Home Depot for flowers for the centerpieces. I decorated 20 small pots by painting them white and adding aqua ribbon. We got several different kinds of flowers in pinks and yellows, including Gerber daisies. Karen and Marissa and Dad helped me pot them and they look so great. We also went to Walmart to find fishing line. I picked up a cake stand and small cake as well.

Nate and  his groomsmen moved a lot of the decorations out of the house and to the church. Tomorrow we are going to go to the church in the morning to decorate. My mom, Mark, Anne, and Clarissa are flying in tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see them. Hopefully the decorating won't take too long so we have a little time to relax before the rehearsal and dinner.

Tonight Dad, Karen, Marissa, Geoff, and I went to Corky's BBQ for dinner. It was good. Then we drove downtown so Geoff and Marissa could see the Parthenon. We also drove up Broadway and pointed out where I work and let them take in all the lights and sounds of Music City. We are all worn out. They all went back to their hotel, and I am ready for bed. Nate and the boys were supposed to be camping out tonight, but because of the rain they decided to cook out and maybe sleep on drier ground. Basically everything is done. We'll decorate, do the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tomorrow, and get hitched on Saturday. It's supposed to rain tomorrow which will drop the temps a little for Saturday. Good deal and good night.

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  1. I enjoy your blog so much! As a cost cutting Tennessee girl myself, I've really enjoyed seeing how you have made your wedding details so special without blowing the budget! God bless you and Nate as you begin your life journey together!


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